Burlington City Arts

City Hall Park Artist Request for Qualifications

Deadline November 10, 2017

Burlington City Arts (BCA) is issuing is a Request for Qualifications from artists or artist teams to join the project design team to integrate art and narrative into the storm water and green infrastructure systems within City Hall Park, Burlington, Vermont.  This project will not result in a stand-alone public art piece; instead, it emphasizes the potential to illuminate green infrastructure elements within the existing concept through an intensive collaboration between the artist/artist team, project team, and design consultants, Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architects.


The budget for this project is $35,000, including up to $15,000 for planning stages and up to an additional $20,000 for materials or interpretive elements to be installed in the park as a result of the collaborative design process. Exploring the park’s existing systems and the proposed physical design elements in the concept plan as part of the materials palette for this project will be highly encouraged.

Project Description

In 2011, BCA received a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant to engage the public in imagining the future of City Hall Park and develop a new master plan that both incorporated community input and responded to the functional requirements of a contemporary urban park. Since then, the master plan has undergone refinements as part of the City of Burlington's Great Streets Initiative, and has now moved into more detailed plan development; it is slated for construction in early 2019.

City Hall Park has been part of downtown’s urban fabric since the founding of Burlington. Over the years, it has evolved in shape, size and use as the needs of our community have changed. Key to its historic character is that despite these changes, it has always served as a central gathering place adjacent to our civic hall, accommodating the modern civic needs of Burlington. The Park will continue to play the role of public square for the downtown, and will host the community’s much-loved events such as the farmers market and appropriately-scaled performances. The goals of this renovation are to ensure a healthy, functioning historic park; to increase accessibility for all users, in all seasons; and, in conjunction with the adjacent Great Streets Initiative, to install infrastructure that serves to improve the water quality of Lake Champlain.  

The purpose of the arts integration is to highlight human impact on natural systems by making those systems more visible, relatable and intriguing. City Hall Park’s history and evolution offers rich content from which to draw inspiration, and the infrastructure will provide the foundation for the artistic elements. Concept direction for developing integrated artwork may include developing methods of promoting the storm water system as a whole, with City Hall Park serving as the initial demonstration site; stressing the relationship between storm water runoff in an urban environment and Lake Champlain; and emphasizing the role healthy trees, green spaces, and soils play in storm water management.

Materials to be Submitted in response to this RFQ

  1. Current resume.  Include current address, phone number and email on resume. Include one resume for each team member. (.doc or PDF)
  2. Cover letter expressing interest and briefly describing collaborative style, and brainstorming components where arts integration may be possible. (.doc or PDF)
  3. Brief narrative bio of artist and each team member that summarizes experience and any areas of particular expertise as it relates to materials or process. (.doc or PDF)
  4. Digital portfolio link (embedded in .doc or PDF) OR attached .doc or PDF portfolio of up to 20 images of past projects.Include title, budget, and brief description of each project.

Submission must be bound into a single .doc or PDF document.  ​​SUBMIT.


Artists or artist teams will be shortlisted based on criteria outlined in this RFQ. Shortlisted artists/artist teams will be asked to provide a brief statement about how they might approach this collaborative project and hourly fees, and will be interviewed by a review panel comprised of the city team, project design consultants, and park constituents, whereupon a finalist will be selected. 

Criteria for selection will include:

  • Quality of public art portfolio
  • Professionalism of submission materials
  • Previous experience that demonstrates ability of artist to carry out a project within budget and on time
  • Previous experience that demonstrates ability of artist to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines

Estimated Timeline

November 10, 2017: Qualifications due

November 15, 2017: Selection of 3-5 finalists. Finalists must be available for interviews with committee mid November.

November 15- 17, 2017: Interviews with finalists

November 20, 2017: Selection of Finalist

December 4, 2017: Finalize Contract with Artist/Artist Team

December 4, 2017- January 31, 2019: Concept Plan development, resulting in construction document development, fabrication of artistic materials

January 2019- March 2019: Construction bid process

March 2019- September 2019: Installation and construction


Contact Sara Katz via email at with questions about this RFQ. Questions will be posted on this webpage.


City Hall Park Current Concept Plan