Burlington City Arts

Architecture + Design Film Series: Design Canada – Screen from Home

Directed by Greg Durrell
2018, Canada, 74 Minutes

The long road to Canada’s brand is tricky: two official and countless unofficial languages, a sprawling geographical range, and a rocky cultural history. This film examines the untold story of the discussions and considerations that led to the graphics and iconography which “define modern Canada.” Design Canada looks at inclusive efforts to rebrand the nation by acknowledging facets of the population traditionally omitted from the discussion of ‘Canadianness’. French and English appeared in equal font and size on all national brands and efforts of Expo ’67, and the highlighting of Indigenous cultures gave a first step for self-representation. The resulting Canadian Design has become a national hallmark seen from coast to coast and recognized around the world.

Design Canada marks Architecture + Design's final screening of Season 7, and though we are unable to enjoy this together in traditional fashion, we’re grateful for the opportunity to offer this finale as a Screen from Home event.

Please click the Vimeo link below and enter the password provided. Viewing will be available Wednesday 4/15 through Sunday 4/19. Please help us spread the word by forwarding to family, friends, and colleagues.

PASSWORD: expo67

A special thanks to Jessica Edwards and the team at Film First for being flexible and making this possible to our audience via the web.


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