Burlington City Arts

Summer Concert Series: Just For Kicks

June 9, 2017, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Enjoy lunchtime tunes all summer long with FREE City Hall Park Summer Concerts. Bring your lunch, meet up with friends or coworkers, and enjoy free music.

Celebrating the joy of connection through music, Just for Kicks extends raw energy and joy on the wings of jazz music. Come join Vermont's premier swing dance performance troupe as they highlight in authentic jazz dance from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.


Make plans to attend all of our free concerts this summer. Admission is free and every performance starts at noon.

June Performances
June 9:      Just for Kicks 
June 14:    The Lomax Folk Project 
June 16:    Brett Hughes 
June 21:    Make Music Day, Dave Keller 
June 23:    The Hokum Brothers 
June 28:    Dana & Sue Robinson 
June 30:    Zak Trojano 

July Performances
July 5:      Sam Moss 
July 7:      Near North Guitar 
July 12:    Inner Fire District 
July 14:    Mosa Music    
July 19:    Red Hot Juba 
July 21:    Gordon Goldsmith 
July 26:    Grup Anwar 
July 28:    Champlain Jazz Quartet 

August Performances        
August 2:      Mark LeGrand and the Cadillac Twins    
August 4:      Will Patton Ensemble    
August 9:      Starline Rhythm Boys      
August 11:    The John Daily Trio    
August 16:    The Brevity Thing    
August 18:    Nutria Music     
August 23:    VT Bluegrass Pioneers      
August 25:    Binger    
August 30:    Tiny Montgomery


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