Burlington City Arts

Emergence 2

June 13, 2014 - July 19, 2014


Champlain College Emergent Media Community Exhibition

Showcasing the experiential, interactive, and the customizable component of media technologies, Champlain College’s Emergent Media community exhibition focused on technologies that are fueling a new generation of arts innovation. Featuring recent MFA graduates, faculty and alumni who blur the distinctions between science, art, and technology, each project in the exhibition facilitated an engaging, provoking, and multi-sensory experience of contemporary art.


Artists include:


Erin Barnaby

Erin Barnaby was a 2014 MFA Graduate in Emergent Media, digital designer, and mixed media artist.  As an artist Erin explores connections between virtual and physical environments, experimenting with collage, sculpture and physical computing. Her work, ‘Entanglement,’ picked up on this idea and questioned the role of viewers and creators.  The viewer became part of the experience and was integrated into the piece.  In doing so, Entanglement prompted us to question the ongoing cultural shifts due to the influences of digital technology.


Rachel Hooper

Rachel Hooper is a digital media artist who mainly works with digital applications to create surreal moments from everyday life. By exploring the emergence of tools available in photo manipulation applications, Hooper formalized the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind seemingly preset programmatic options available within the structure of the application.


Ken Howell

Ken Howell has been an electronic media designer, developer, artist, and technologist for over two decades. His work, “What Technology Wants” was an interactive video installation using computer vision as a control system. The projection was actually multiple layers of composited video sampled from his own recordings, found footage, algorithmically created patterns, and scanned paintings and drawings, all compositing in real-time through software that was controlled by the viewer’s interactions. The result was a densely layered collage of visual elements that suggested data in transit, partial memories, networks, and an inward cognitive state that is changing and evolving with the viewer’s participation.


Robin Perlah

Robin Perlah is a digital media artist, with a focus on photography, video, as well as generative and interactive systems.  Robin Perlah’s digital media-based work primarily explores memory and abstraction, through programmed, generative and interactive systems. Through the use of a wide variety of digital tools, from cameras to custom software and open-source applications that allowed her to work with the underlying data of the captured images, she attempted to exploit the tension between digital and analog, random and intentional while exploring the fragility and mutability of human memory.


Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb was a 2015 MFA graduate in Emergent Media. Webb built a system for gathering photographs and building mandala-like images after a series of meditative walks.  She used her photographs of refuse left behind by others who walked her similar path in an unexpected manner, creating repetitions that evolve over time.



Exhibition sponsored by Champlain College Division of Communication and Creative Media and Emergent Media Center, David Stiller (Through the Vermont Community Foundation).

Exhibition year sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Funded in part by a grant from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment For The Arts

Farrell Distributing, Harpoon Brewery and Fluid Bar Service were proud sponsors of BCA Center exhibitions and events