Burlington City Arts

Dominic Mangila

Dominic Mangila lives and works in New York. Recent solo exhibitions of his work were held at Artist Proof Gallery Alberta Printmakers Society in Canada, Utterly Art in Singapore and Chashama in New York. Mangila’s works have been featured in group exhibitions at Marvelli Gallery, Yace Gallery, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and Neiman Gallery at Columbia University in New York, GSK Contemporary in London, Manila Contemporary in the Philippines, Valentine Willie Fine Art in Malaysia and HT Contemporary Space in Singapore.


Jennifer Lauren Smith

Jennifer Lauren Smith was born in Portland, Maine and spent her childhood on the serene Gulf Coast of Florida. Using performance and video, her work explores the psychology of landscapes, generating experiential mise en scènes based on imagined sound, historical research, and hard circumstance. While at the Barn, she will create a video piece loosely based on an analogy used by Ray Bradbury in his short story, “All Summer in a Day.”


Nicholas Des Cognets

Nicholas des Cognets was raised in western Massachusetts. He received an MFA in sculpture from the Virginia Commonwealth University and recently was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown Massachusetts. Giving physical form to the relationship between nature and human perception is the core concern of his practice. 


Naoko Wowsugi

Naoko Wowsugi's work challenges conventional notions of home, identity, communication and miscommunication. In exploring these themes, her work has become increasingly attuned to parallels between her life and practice. By creatively connecting with a diverse group of people within their own communities, she fulfills desires to discover a sense of belonging and generate opportunities for others to break through traditional societal boundaries and roles.



Claudia Chaseling

Claudia Chaseling hails from Berlin, Germany.  Chaseling's visual ideas are a combination of personal experience, memory, stories and recording space. Her works consist mainly of large-scale canvases, painted walls and floors, and painted concrete objects.  She is concerned with capturing the dynamism and vastness of landscapes as well as the tension of experiencing a situation or place.



Oscar Santillan

Oscar Santillan's practice departs from the creative territory between the possible and the impossible and between reality and fiction. The repertoire of strategies for exploring this terrain has, in recent years, grown to include means such as: deceiving looks (i.e. a blurred video image, not produced through digital manipulation, but through the action of breathing on the camera lens); complex processes producing simple results (i.e. a colorful photographic composition as evidence of the effects of pigments injected into my own seminal vesicles); and, elaborate visual narratives (i.e.


Amber Kempthorn

Amber Kempthorn is an artist and self-described storyteller and bibliophile. Kempthorn's drawings and collages often combine drawings from ink and pastel with cut paper elements, which are collected from the interiors of security envelopes, parts of books and other paper remnants. A prominent influence in Kempthorn's work is the Japanese art of Ukiyo-e (literally, "pictures of the floating world").