Burlington City Arts

Brownstone Ball

Lakeside Avenue
Installed 2003, mixed media
Brownstone Ball’s original concept was inspired by the brownstone buildings in Brooklyn, NY, which was for a long time the blue collar community for industrial Manhattan. Brownstone Ball makes an easy symbolic connection to the Lakeside Avenue neighborhood, where Burlington’s industrial workers historically took up residence to work in the many factories that existed there. The General Dynamics building now sustains jobs in technological fields that have replaced many mechanized industries.


Fred Barrett

Pine Street, behind Maltex Building
1985, copper and steel
This piece is a tribute to Barrett, who worked in the Shelburne shipyards for over 60 years. Rick Davis commissioned Sparling to create the image in copper from a sketch drawn by Mary Bogart once Barrett could no longer work due to blindness.


Stained Glass Skylight

Burlington Public Works and Parks and Recreation Offices, Pine Street
2000, stained glass
With the construction of Burlington’s Central Maintenance Facility for the Department of Public Works and Department of Parks and Recreation, Burlington City Arts commissioned a stained glass skylight for the public reception area that depicts a colorful map of Burlington, Lake Champlain, and the surrounding communities.

Photo by Michael Weizenegger


Road To Emmaus

Saint Michael’s College
1990, black granite


Whale Tails

30 Community Drive, Technology Park, Williston
1989, African black granite


Maple, Apple, Birch

Burlington International Airport
2001, wood


Pomerleau Neighborhood Park

Shelburne Road Plaza
1999, mixed materials
Pomerleau Real Estate President Ernie Pomerleau approached Burlington City Arts with a request to add a sculpture to the site of a shopping mall under redevelopment. The resulting sculpture garden, which serves as a bus-stop, pedestrian gateway to the mall, and vehicular gateway to Burlington, has become a landmark on Shelburne Road. The “pocket park” features concrete gargoyles perched on columns and has been lauded for the originality of the artwork and its integrated park design.