Burlington City Arts

Jason Hackenwerth: Micro-Macro

In this solo exhibition, internationally exhibited artist Jason Hackenwerth explored extremes of scale with his monumental, site-specific latex balloon sculptures and intricate kinetic works.

Uncharted Territories

Uncharted Territories investigated themes of abstract cartography, adventure, the relationships between personal and physical exploration and the human need to discover.

Human = Landscape

This exhibition explored the future of Vermont’s landscape grappling with the aesthetic challenges of a carbon-constrained world. Posing such questions as: how might an energy-sustainable, rural landscape of the future look? what defines a landscape as “beautiful” or “ugly”? how have notions of natural beauty changed over time?

Medicine & Mortality

Medical technology’s capacity to modify, preserve, and extend life has surpassed our psychological ability to integrate these advances.

This World, Other World

Artists: Cora Cohen, Carrie Dickason, Sarah Fitzsimons, Janelle Iglesias, Reid Hitt, Erin Kaczkowski, Magnolia Laurie And Siobhan Mcbride.


Sally Linder: Pilgrimage

Burlington artist Sally Linder explores the experience of arduous, elaborate, mystical and cultural journeys and creates bodies of work in reaction to them.