Burlington City Arts

Illuminations: Light and Sculpture in City Hall Park

The BCA Center’s exhibition Illuminations: Light and Sculpture in City Hall Park gave visitors a new outdoor winter park experience with a fantastical combination of light, movement and sculpture.

Casey Reas: Process

In this exhibition acclaimed software artist Casey Reas used computer algorithms to create complex, organic abstractions.

Kadie Salfi: Apex Predator: Body Parts

Artist Kadie Salfi combined beauty and tragedy in her work Apex Predator: Body Parts Series. Simple yet powerful graphics depicted animals targeted for their body parts by humans, the world’s leading apex predators, in the $20 billion illegal wildlife trade.

Galen Cheney: Street Level

Vermont artist Galen Cheney creates abstract paintings using a multi-layered technique that made them chaotic, vibrant and dense. Drawing inspiration from Aramaic script and urban graffiti, Cheney’s ethereal landscapes evoked the emerging sense of hybridization encapsulated by contemporary culture and global society.

David Stromeyer: Equilibrium: Career Retrospective

Vermont-based artist David Stromeyer’s monumental-scale sculptural works twisted, bent, folded and flowed. In this exhibition Stromeyer, a nationally acclaimed creator of outdoor sculpture, transformed Burlington’s City Hall Park into an outdoor sculpture environment.


This exhibition celebrated the art of the first graduating class of Champlain College’s Emergent Media MFA program. Featuring innovative digital projects alongside traditional media, the exhibition focused on art at the intersection of the Internet, mobile networks and other crossroads of human interaction in this new digital age.