Burlington City Arts

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

BCA November Exhibitions Feature Paintings by Peter Heller and Local Sale 2014 Group Show


Burlington City Arts is pleased to announce the two new contemporary exhibitions, Peter Heller, and Local Sale 2014, opening Friday, November 21st at The BCA Center on Church Street in Burlington with a reception from 5:30-7:30pm. Peter Heller’s abstract paintings span a 50-year career and will be featured on the first floor of the BCA Center. The exhibit Local Sale 2014 takes place in the second floor gallery and features work from a variety of area contemporary artists. These exhibitions run through January 24th, 2015.

Peter Heller

Peter Heller’s abstract paintings reflect an inner quest to capture the essence and meaning of life. Peter referred to himself as a tonalist, believing that “tine is a matter of mood. It seeps through the entire piece…affecting the finished painting much as the sky transforms the day”. The sense of rhythm and motion conveyed in his paintings are essential to the viewing experience. Absence of a horizon line in his paintings renders the forms ungrounded so they float, move, react to each other, and clash. Inspired by nature, Peter’s stunning and surreal forms and color convey unsettling transitions from order to chaos that leaves the viewer teetering between exhilaration and fear. A product of post-war neo-romanticism, Peter’s uniquely recognizable style is deeply fantastical and reveals a richness of internal feeling and observation.

Peter Heller was born in Berlin in 1929, the only child of Hans and Ingrid Heller. Peter was only 2 years old when they fled to Paris to escape the Nazi’s in Germany. Eventually they made their way to the United States with a recommendation from a famous distant cousin, Albert Einstein. The Hellers lived in New York City with their relative Richard Goetz, an artist and art collector. It was Richard Goetz who sparked Peter’s artistic interest. Heller studied at an arts high school in New York City and then began pursuing an art degree at the Columbia School of Painting and Sculpture, where he and his future wife, Alexandra met. Peter and Alexandra Heller later settled in Morrisville, Vermont and taught art at Johnson State College. Peter Heller passed away in 2002. His wife, sculptor Alexandra Heller (whose work was shown recently in the Vermont Metro Gallery), and their two children survive his work.

Local Sale 2014

The second annual Local Sale exhibit which features a collection of affordable works by Vermont Artists in a variety of mediums available for purchase and carry. Proceeds support local artists and BCA's gallery education scholarship fund. The local artists involved include Jennifer Koch, Mareva Millarc, Abby Manock, Don Ross, Jordan Douglas, Tom Cullins, Kadie Salfi, Wendy James, Roger Colman, Carol Boucher, Sandy Berbeco, John Gonter, Susan Larkin and Wendy Copp with more to be added.

Peter Heller & Local Sale 2014 are an important part of Burlington City Arts, celebrating over 30 years of supporting the arts, which is dedicated to the promotion of excellence, experimentation, and education in all forms of contemporary art. For more information about gallery exhibitions, special events, classes and workshops, please call 802.865.7166 or visit BURLINGTONCITYARTS.ORG.