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green state gardner mural opportunity!

Finalist submissions  for a mural on Green State Gardener’s retail store at 388 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont! 


Kathryn Wiegers


Charlie Hudson


Jean Cannon


Tara Goreau​


Ron Hernandez


Original RFP


The budget for the selected final project is not to exceed $8,500, including time, materials, and installation costs.

Estimated Timeline:
March 31 — Deadline for portfolio submissions
April 3 — Selection of 5 finalists and notification
May 5 — Deadline for proposals
May 8 —Selection of final design
May 8-June 24 — Mural completion on-site (details to be arranged with Green State Gardeners)


Finalists will receive $100 honorariums to develop full proposals. The artist(s) for the final selected design will be paid one-half of the project cost upon contract signing and the remaining one-half upon project completion.

Project Description
This project asks artists to respond visually to Green State Gardener’s tagline Grow Your Own Health Revolution with a mural painted on their entrance façade.  

Green State Gardener opened on Pine Street in the summer of 2016, adding to the rich landscape of Vermont socially responsibly businesses that align with Vermont values.  

“Vermont is a state built on self-reliance and community—a desire to be connected to the earth as well as to one another. We lead the nation in protecting working landscapes, local and organic food, renewable energy, and natural, holistic health care.” -Green State Gardener website, see more at

Green State Gardener’s provides urban gardeners with the best tools, materials, kits, and expert advice to grow, process and use their own plant-based medicines.

Artists, particularly finalists, are encouraged to visit the retail store and see more about Green State Gardener at

Specifications for Design

  1. The mural will be sited on the south side of the building.
  2. Design should maximize the scale and proportions of the location (approximately 25' w x 10.5' h)
  3. Design may integrate all existing architectural building elements outlined below.
  4. Facade includes painted concrete block, metal pipes and some wood.
  5. No words may be incorporated into the design.

Mural design may incorporate any surface within the highlighted green area above.

Criteria for Selection of Finalist Proposal

Final proposals submitted by five finalist artists (or artist teams) will be reviewed by the Green State Gardener team and a final design selected on the following criteria:

Aesthetic Considerations

  • Considers elements of existing architecture and infrastructure in design
  • Responds to existing Green State Gardener materials and retail aesthetic

 Thematic Considerations

  • Responds to the Grow Your Own Health Revolution with a bold visual concept that is provocative rather than controversial


  • Proposal is coherent and well-presented
  • Visual materials are professionally executed and provide clear and realistic renderings of artist painting/drawing style and impact of the design in context

Execution and Maintenance

  • Durability of materials

Materials to be Submitted for Proposals:

  1. Detailed scale rendering of proposed design (high res. jpg)*
  2. Perspective rendering of proposed design in context (high res. jpg)*
  3. Narrative description of proposed design and plan for execution (.pdf)
  4. Budget (should include time, materials, rental of equipment for installation, etc. Note that scaffolding will likely be needed for a design to reach the highest point of the building.)

*Designs may be shared with the public via social media and other means with credit to the artist.


For more information, contact Sara Katz at 802-865-5356 or