Burlington City Arts

Celebrate Burlington, An Annual Celebration of Community Leaders, Honors 2016 Awardees of Gail Shampnois, Peggy O’Neil, Marija Valencak, and Maggie Standley

Jane Knodell, Burlington City Council's Chair remarked, "..the individual Celebrate Burlington award winners, in their personal or professional lives, make Burlington a great place to live, work, play, raise a family and start a business."

  • Peggy O’Neil, Herb Bloomenthal Community Activism Award
  • Maggie Standley, Burlington Community Arts Award
  • Gail Shampnois, Peter Clavelle Legacy Award
  • Marija Valencak, Ken Schatz Award for Community Justice

Maggie Standley was given the Burlington Community Art Award for work to promote arts and culture in our community.  Whether she was establishing a pocket park/community garden in the Old North End or working with teens to create community murals throughout the city, her commitment to youth empowerment is exemplary. Maggie is the second ever winner of the Burlington Community Arts Award.


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