Burlington City Arts

BCA Community Fund Info For Grantees

Congratulations on receiving a BCA Community Fund award!  Here is the information you will need to manage your award and receive payment.


You should have received an email with a copy of your agreement. Your agreement for the BCA Community Fund outlines your requirements based on your original submission. Please make sure to review and return the agreement with your signature along with a signed W-9 ( to Sara Katz, Burlington City Arts, 135 Church St Burlington, VT 05401 or  as a scan to


A  BCA logo can be downloaded from the related list above. Your agreement outlines use of logo and language that should be associated with promotional materials you create to support your project. We can provide our logo in a different format if needed. BCA does its best to promote your projects on social media but cannot guarantee promotion. If you have a facebook event and can share that with BCA, that's the best way for us to get word out. We also will take any photos that you have to share along the way, as long as they are approved for public use. We are unable to commit to other types of support, such as creating materials, printing, or providing space pro-bono.​


You will receive your first payment distribution within 30 days of returning your contract and w-9. Final payments will be made upon receipt of your final report. 

Final Report 

We recommend reviewing the final report questions, recording and saving responses in a word document, and then copying text into the report form to ensure your own copy.

Your project expenses may vary from your original plan.  This is OK, as long as you can explain it in your final report and it does not radically change the project outcomes.

Final expenses should reflect actual expenses. Resubmitting your budget is not what we are looking for in the final report.