Burlington City Arts

JANUARY 22, 2015

BCA Announces New Community Arts Project In Collaboration With Burlington Town Center


Burlington, VT: Burlington City Arts (BCA) and the owner of Burlington Town Center (BTC) are working together on a novel art project and they are inviting the Burlington community from elementary school children and high school teens to our seniors to create and submit their original artwork, which will include paintings; drawings; photography; or another medium chosen by the participant to best represent what Burlington means to them. BCA and the BTC are asking members of the community to express in art form “What does Burlington mean to you?”

The artwork will be exhibited at the BCA and the Burlington Town Center and the three winning pieces will be transformed and be used to create three additional murals on the exterior of the BTC office building, similar to the existing mural on Cherry Street that was installed for L.L. Bean. In addition to this dramatic public installation, BCA hopes to share the projects created through this process with the community in many ways—through social media, the press, and through exhibitions in public spaces city-wide. 
Don Sinex, the owner of the Burlington Town Center, wants the community’s participation in the re-development project. In his own words; “Returning the Burlington Town Center to the community is a major goal of mine and I will endeavor to involve the community in every step as we plan and bring about the transformation of the BTC. Mr. Sinex will also donate $1000 to King Street Center, McClure Multi-Generational Center, and to Burlington High School’s art program to support their participation in the project.

The BTC redevelopment could include a full array of housing, additional retail space, including a new department store, restaurants and entertainment venues such as a state-of-the-art digital cinema complex, and space dedicated to uses that will be local and authentic to Burlington, including public arcades and gallerias and a public park. The redevelopment plan is now undergoing a public review process and a final plan for the redevelopment of the BTC will be arrived at only after full participation and involvement of the public and the conclusion of the public review process.

BCA has begun scheduling residency sessions with each community group and hired artist Alissa Faber to collaborate on and facilitate the project.  Alissa has been a studio assistant at the BCA clay studio for the past 3 years and has taught students of all ages the process of glassblowing and pottery. This project exemplifies Burlington City Arts role as a cultural planner for the City of Burlington by engaging community members’ voices and integrating them into the fabric and future of their city through the arts.  “This is a perfect project for BCA’s role as cultural planner,” says BCA Executive Director Doreen Kraft. “It provides a way for a broad demographic to learn more about our City through a creative process, and to infuse public space with meaningful community experience.”

About Burlington Town Center
The Burlington Town Center is an upscale shopping center located in Downtown Burlington on Church Street. Devonwood Investors, managed by Don Sinex, the owner of the Burlington Town Center is planning a re-development of the center that turns the mall inside out, transforming the current single interior space into a multitude of outward-facing shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, parks, and other open spaces. The new Burlington Town Center will offer something for everyone – local community members and out-of-town visitors looking to shop, dine, be entertained –as well as bring jobs, revenue, and economic benefit to Burlington and Vermont. Devonwood is currently reviewing the plans with the City and going through a public review process where the community can participate and be involved in developing the plan for the redevelopment of the Burlington Town Center. For more information visit

The Burlington Town Center art project is an important part of Burlington City Arts, celebrating over 30 years of supporting the arts, which is dedicated to the promotion of excellence, experimentation, and education in all forms of contemporary art. For more information about gallery exhibitions, special events, classes and workshops, please call 802.865.7166 or visit BURLINGTONCITYARTS.ORG.