Burlington City Arts

City Hall Gallery

City Hall Gallery (formerly Metropolitan Gallery) is the art space situated within the foyer of Burlington's City Hall, located directly next to the BCA Center on Church Street. This accessible exhibition space is managed by BCA's Art Sales and Leasing program, and features work by Vermont artists. Work displayed in the City Hall Gallery receives considerable exposure as it is open to the public, a regular stop on First Friday Art Walk, and a point of entry for City Hall.

Open for First Friday Art Walk and Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM.

October - December 2016

Mareva Millarc​


I have a compelling desire to create art along with an intrinsic ability to capture the infinite. Feeling into the world, I can best express what moves me through color, shape, and movement. From the nothingness of abstract to the slight realm of possibility…I feel the interconnected nature the world provides, and seek to tap into those unnamed feelings. That vibrating energy becomes free-flowing lines, organic forms and playful details. I create art that allows for personal interpretation, blurred realities, and creative opportunities. Allow yourself to be moved by that which is undefined.