Burlington City Arts

City Hall Gallery

The City Hall Gallery is located on the main level and features Vermont artists from BCA’s external exhibitions program on a rotating basis


April 2019

Clover, 2018

Josh Dustin

When I lived on St. Thomas I was forced to move due to hurricanes Irma and Maria that hit fall of2017. It was really devastating to uproot not only my business but my entire life, and I was lucky to have landed back on my feet in Burlington. I wouldn't be where I am doing what I love today if it wasn't for the kindness of others, helping me in my darkest hours.That's why for our fifth and largest exhibit we will be donating proceeds to Mama Nealy and her son from Rescue Me Vermont, a wonderful organization that helped transport them from the Virgin Islands as refugee animals fromthesamehurricanes.With the help of our community of local pet owners like yourself this fundraising effort will be covering all rehoming and vet fees for these dogs, along with a supplemental amount of toys and food when they reach their forever home

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