Burlington City Arts

City Hall Gallery

September-October ‘17:

Nancy Calicchio

In my paintings I seek to capture the great beauty of Vermont’s landscape. My paintings reveal both my fascination with the natural world- sky, mountains, hills, brooks and streams, trees and fields- and my interest in working farms. Painting outside in every season is a way of probing this world, of engaging all my senses in the scene. When I set up my easel I search for the play of light, for it is light and shadow that shape the form and light that reveals the color. I feel that when I am truly engaged in what I am painting, I become part of it. It is my greatest desire that this feeling will resonate through the painting to the viewer and bring to life the beauty and joy of our landscape.

Nancy Calicchio moved to Putney in 1963.  With a liberal arts education as a base she spent many years in independent school education teaching English and history. For 22 years she served as Head of School for The Grammar School in Putney, and in 1998, as founding Head of School, for Maple Street School in Manchester Center, Vermont.

After retiring in 2007 she pursued her love of art, seeking to enlarge her knowledge about paintings and painters, and to learn the techniques that would allow her to use oil paints in a convincing manner. She is primarily a self-taught painter indebted to excellent workshop teachers, great art in museum collections and books.