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Seven Below Arts Initiative

Artist-In-Residence Program

The Seven Below Arts Initiative Artist-In-Residence Program was established to foster artistic development and to support arts education in the state of Vermont. Seven Below, in partnership with Burlington City Arts, is pleased to request proposals for six-week residencies at The Barn near Burlington, Vermont. The residencies are designed to provide artists with a peaceful, inspiring, and supportive environment for individual and/or collaborative new work. The residency program is open to artists at any stage of their career and working in various visual arts media.  For brief biographies and links to current and past resident artist websites, please click the "Artists" link in the navigation bar.

The ideal applicant should be an artist with a history of rigorous work, excellent communication skills, and enthusiasm for interacting with other artists and the public. Although we cannot subsidize travel to Vermont, we encourage the participation of artists from outside New England as well as locally.

Thank you for your interest in Seven Below.  The program will be in transition this year and we are currently not accepting applications for Summer of 2017.

If you are interested in submitting an exhibition proposal to the BCA Center, please direct materials to Heather Ferrell, Curator and Director of Exhibitions at

Residents will live and work at The Barn, a uniquely restored property on 65 acres offering magnificent views of Mt. Mansfield and the Green Mountains. The 200-year-old Alan Irish Barn was reconstructed in 1996 and served as the recording and rehearsal facility for Phish, Trey Anastasio, and other musicians. In 2006, to support the activities of the Seven Below Arts Initiative, The Barn was retrofitted to provide living and workspace for up to three artists in residence at a time. The six chosen residents are selected from a diverse range of national and international applicants, and they are provided with a $2,000 materials and living stipend to help support the creation of new work.
They are joined by Seven Below Studio Manager and working resident R. Elliott Katz (  Elliott lives and works on site and oversees daily operations at The Barn. 
Please contact Ashley Jimenez for more information or with questions.


As the founding director of the Seven Below Arts Initiative, Kristy brought intelligence, enthusiasm, and an innate understanding of contemporary art to the program’s development. Her leadership and vision shaped what the program has become today: a rare and highly respected opportunity for talented artists to discover, create, learn and share their craft in Vermont. Kristy’s presence is deeply missed, but her contributions live on in the works of the many artists who benefitted from her commitment to advancing the arts. This book is dedicated to her memory.
“The artist is a receptacle for the emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” ~ Pablo Picasso
Special thanks to the following donors and friends, who have made it possible for so many artists to create and share their exceptional work with the Vermont community and the world:
Trey and Sue Anastasio 
Linda Wilmot 
The WaterWheel Foundation, Inc. 
Mike Gordon 
Relix LLC 
Rex Foundation 
Orvis Company, Inc. 
Raynier Institute and Foundation 
Wear Your Music 
Andrew and Anne Gordy Steidinger Family Foundation 
David Wilson 
Ben Restivo 
Mockingbird Foundation 
Richard Kozak 
Phyllis Egan 
10,000 Lakes Festival
Steven Pollack 
The Jean and Henry Pollak Division 
Roseanne Rock 
Debby Smith 
Susan Baldwin
Richard Formichella 
Michael Rosenzweig 
Beth Montuori Rowles 
Brooke Simler
Fatboy Records
Charles Dirksen 
Ann and Kevin Guptill 
Thomas Jones 
Andrew Ross 
Kathleen M. and Manuel C. Tancreti 
Alyssa-Lee Wilmot 
Carolyn Sotka 
Jeff and Jennifer Herwood 
Kelli Smith 
Suzanne Slesar 
Kevin Stolp 
Adam Sullivan 
Molly and Laurence Carnahan 
Chris Dial 
Meg Murphree 
Jeffrey Muska Prucell 
Jason Victor