Burlington City Arts

Summer Concert Series: Gordon Goldsmith

July 21, 2017, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Growing up in the greater Boston area, Goldsmith’s love for playing guitar grew and evolved as he began to work on his own riffs and delve into the universe of effects pedals. He continued to expand his musical horizons on his own until finally, during his freshman year at college, he put together a band. It was senior year that he moved into a house with a few friends and put together a recording studio in the basement. This is when his recording career really began. By 2010 Goldsmith relocated to Portland, OR to play gigs as often as possible, hitting open mics, clubs, bars, coffeehouses, and political rallies.

In 2012, after returning to Burlington, Goldsmith rented a space with members of Grace Potter’s band. Even while working three jobs, the results often involved writing and recording deep into the night. The following year, he received an offer to go to Australia and work on a cruise ship as a singer/guitarist. For the next 8 months, he sailed around Australia and the South Pacific performing 3 sets a night for enthusiastic crowds. This gave him a taste of what it was like to get a steady paycheck as a musician. Once he returned home, he went straight back to where his heart is at: recording new material. It was then that “This Is Paradise” was born.

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