Burlington City Arts

Human = Landscape

August 14, 2009 - October 24, 2009

This exhibition explored the future of Vermont’s landscape grappling with the aesthetic challenges of a carbon-constrained world. Posing such questions as: how might an energy-sustainable, rural landscape of the future look? what defines a landscape as “beautiful” or “ugly”? how have notions of natural beauty changed over time? Over 20 artists addressed these concerns on four floors of Burlington City Arts’ Firehouse Center, in City Hall Park and through a monumental installation of 1,000 light-generating windmills in the Vermont landscape. With works that blur the distinction between artist, architect, engineer and scientist, Human = Landscape acted as a laboratory for re-imagining our future landscape while inviting exhibition visitors to experience the spectacle and potential of alternative energy.


The show included 10 new commissions from John Anderson, Megan Bisbee-Durlam, Ethan Bond-Watts, Arthur Chukhman, Jed Crystal, Cameron Davis, Nancy Dwyer and Caroline Byrne, R. Elliott Katz, and H. Keith Wagner. It was accompanied by a full color catalog with essays contributed by author  Bill McKibben and Robert Hull Fleming Museum Curator, Aimee Marcereau DeGalan.