Burlington City Arts

AUGUST 28, 2014

BCA brings Wood Fire Kiln and Artists in Residence to Pine Street During Art Hop


BCA brings Wood Fire Kiln and Artists in Residence to Pine Street During Art Hop

Burlington, VT:  (August 28, 2014) Burlington City Arts is pleased to announce a special art education event taking place during The South End Art and Business Association’s Annual Art Hop. At 339 Pine Street in front of the ReSource Building Materials Center in Burlington on Friday, September 5th from 5pm to 10pm, BCA will present a demonstration of firing pottery in a wood burning kiln. Wood firing is a traditional firing method that in present day, due to a range of factors, is inaccessible to most potters. BCA Clay Studio Technician Chris Vaughn and Josh Quinlan from Clay Construction and will operate the 20 foot high kiln to fire dozens of clay forms and pots created in the BCA Clay Studio. In addition, the studios at 339 Pine will be open, showcasing work in progress from artists Ben t. Matchstick, Pete Talbot, Rebecca Weisman and more. The site, #33 in the Art Hop guide, will also feature a cash bar from Duino Duende on Friday evening.

About Ben t. Matchstick & Pete Talbot’s Project, Grottoblaster:
Cardboard Teck Instantute presents:  Grottoblaster is an immersive puppet show, live video game, hip hop cipher, and house party all rolled into one fantastic spectacle. Your task, as the audience/player, is to guide the heroes- Skelly the Spellbinder and Duggha Trench, through the grotto, while avoiding dangerous perils that lurk around every stalagmite. Cardboard Teck invites you to see the process of showmaking as they record video and audio that will be used for their Halloween spectacle at the Haybarn Theatre at Goddard College.  CTI is Ben t. Matchstick and Pete Talbot and dozens of other ad hoc profs.

About Rebecca Weisman’s Project:
"Tap Lessons: Semio-Politics of a Foot" combines projections, video, sound, and sculptural objects, weaving together memory, bodies, dreams, and the fantasy life of little girls. This new work will include two filmic elements in high-definition rear projections. In the first projection a group of 7-9 year old girls learn to tap dance. The girls tap to the same routine but their awkward movements and lack of bodily control make a dance that is out of sync—patterned and rhythmic, yet messy. In the second projection, the tap-shoe sounds act as a score for  "movers", filmed from underneath a Plexiglas surface, costumed in pink nylon reminiscent of flesh and the tap-dancers' tights. They explore various surreal ecologies, pressing up against the glass (the lens, the “wall” of the projection), responding to the tune of the girls’ feet. This projection is set apart from the first, encased in a small, cavelike viewing area invoking feelings of being in-utero or underground. The viewer moves between the loud and unashamed performative space of the little girls, and the quiet, unconscious, and regressive space of the adults. The larger-than-life projections create an immersive environment in which the viewer is brought close up to the visceral messiness of the body and the hypnotic and unconscious percussion of the feet.

About the Wood Fire Kiln:
Firing clay to maturity using wood is the oldest firing method known to man. Wood fired pottery dates back thousands of years. A wood burning kiln is typically fired over the course of two to three days. Burlington City Arts will be using a Phoenix Fast Fire wood kiln during Art Hop that cuts the firing time to 12 hours. What makes this kiln even more unique is that it is mobile. Traditionally, a wood burning kiln is either built into a hillside or constructed to be a permanent fixture of a ceramics studio. This kiln sits on a 20 foot trailer and can be hauled to any given firing location, creating opportunities for public demonstration and education. 

This project is supported in part by John Quinlan and Clay Construction and the Burlington Public Works Department. BCA’s wood kiln firing during Art Hop is an important part of Burlington City Arts, celebrating over 30 years of supporting the arts, which is dedicated to the promotion of excellence, experimentation, and education in all forms of contemporary art. For more information about gallery exhibitions, special events, classes and workshops, please call 802.865.7166 or visit BURLINGTONCITYARTS.ORG.