Burlington City Arts

MARCH 5, 2015

BCA Issues Request For Proposals for Summer Art Residencies at Vermont State Parks


Burlington City Arts is pleased to announce a request for proposals for inclusion in the 2015 exhibition Of Land & Local. Of Land & Local is an annual multidisciplinary, state-wide exhibition designed to initiate a dialogue about issues surrounding the Vermont landscape. With Shelburne Farms and the Vermont State Parks as exhibition partners, Of Land & Local 2015 will focus on supporting artists to make and exhibit new work through unique residency opportunities.  

To this end, we are seeking proposals from artists to engage within a variety of pre-selected locations throughout the state. Proposals should be community minded and should provide visitors to the residency locations with an opportunity to critically engage with contemporary artwork as it reflects on and exists within the Vermont landscape. The artistic process and/or product should attempt to offer viewers the chance to contemplate the significance and strength, as well as the vulnerability and fragility of our environment.

Artists will be in residence at various State Parks and locations across Vermont and will have the opportunity to stay in camping-style accommodations. More specific details about each possible residency location are included below.  While several residency sites offer camping accommodations, it is not required to stay on premise. Commuting to a residency location is a possibility.
Residency lengths will vary depending upon the proposed project. Ideally residencies would last three to eight weeks.

Artwork created during residency will be exhibited at The BCA Center in downtown Burlington, VT as well as in the Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms.  Exhibition dates will vary in length but will begin no earlier than 9/21/2015 and conclude no later than 12/1/2015.

All submissions should be received no later than Friday, March 20, 2015. Applications are submitted online at

Criteria for Selection - Proposals will be judged as follows:

Aesthetic Considerations
Innovative use of selected site, exhibits strong artistic concept, design, and craftsmanship, considers elements of existing architecture and infrastructure of the location in design choices.

Thematic Considerations
Explores ideas related to art and the environment that are unique and thought provoking.

Proposal is coherent and well presented, previous experience in residency environments, demonstrated ability to complete projects on budget and on time.

Suitability to the Site
Compatibility with the uses of the site, which may include a high level of pedestrian and traffic or long periods of isolation, efficient use of space, respects concern for public safety.

Execution and Maintenance
Demonstrated ability of artist to carry out the project within budget and on time, with strong consideration of the artist(s) ability to work within given timeframe, project’s maintenance requirements.

Tentative Locations for Consideration: 

•    Button Bay State Park, Vergennes, Vermont
•    Kingsland Bay State Park, Ferrisburgh, Vermont
•    D.A.R. State Park, Addison, Vermont
•    Brighton State Park, Island Pond, Vermont
•    Branbury State Park, Brandon, Vermont
•    Grand Isle State Park, Grand Isle, Vermont
•    Jamaica State Park, Jamaica, Vermont
•    Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont
•    Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park, Woodstock, Vermont

Of Land and Local is an important part of Burlington City Arts, celebrating over 30 years of supporting the arts, which is dedicated to the promotion of excellence, experimentation, and education in all forms of contemporary art. For more information about gallery exhibitions, special events, classes and workshops, please call 802.865.7166 or visit BURLINGTONCITYARTS.ORG.