Burlington City Arts

Millennium Sculpture

Andrea Wasserman

173 College Street (City Hall Park)
1999, granite, stainless steel
The transition from the second to the third millennium was reason for much celebration and speculation worldwide. It also prompted the commissioning of public artwork by the City of Burlington. The resulting sculpture is a futuristic spire mounted on granite columns, featuring a pendulum gong representing the passage of time and containing a time capsule. The sculpture was unveiled at a memorable First Night ceremony, which included a John Gailmore sing-along performance, a laser light show, and the entombment of the time capsule, which will be reopened in 2099.
Sponsored by: the City of Burlington; Bobby and Holly Miller; William and Peggy Chadwick; Filene’s; the firm of Dunn, Hamelin and Kane; the firm of Little, Cicchetti and Conard, P.C.; Todd and Mary Lockwood; Manchester Law Offices, P.C.; the Milot Family; Allen and Judy Newman; Fred Pape; Ray and Jean Pecor; Ernie and Dee Pomerleau; Paul Sprayregen/I.C.V.; the Tiballi Family; Michael Williams/Kountry Kart Deli.