Burlington City Arts

Traffic Signal Control Boxes

Janet Van Fleet, Jean Cannon, Dan Lefrancois

South Winooski and Pearl Street
2007, Acrylic
Burlington’s Department of Public Works spends a great deal of time cleaning graffiti off of its property, and the gray traffic control boxes with their large, blank surfaces have been an ideal target for vandals.   As an experiment, DPW sponsored the commissioning of three traffic control box murals in the downtown area this summer.  The boxes that were created at the time were on Pearl and Battery Street by Jean Cannon, a simple image of the sun setting near the lake; Bank and South Winooski by Dan Lefrancois, a scene depicting a farmer harvesting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; and Pearl and South Winooski by Janet Van Fleet, an abstract series of colorful circles derived from the themes present in her three-dimensional work.  As DPW changes to smaller control boxes hanging from poles, a few of the boxes have been removed.