Burlington City Arts

UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center, located at 111 Colchester Avenue, has been exhibiting and purchasing the work of Vermont artists on the main medical center campus in various locations for many years, thanks to its ongoing partnership with Burlington City Arts. Rotating artwork can be found in the ACC East Pavilion 2 & West Pavilion 3, McClure 4, Breast Care Center, and Cancer Center.  Permanent artwork is also on display throughout the hospital.


September 2020 - January 2021


Carol Boucher

Autumn Meadow and Sky, acrylic on canvas, 24x36


This series of paintings consists of imagined/remembered landscapes, done in acrylic on canvas or panel.  In the warmer months Boucher paints with oils on location (plein air).  She has been painting since childhood, and over 25 years has sold her artwork at galleries and at juried outdoor art festivals. You can view more of her work at and at Shore Acres in North Hero, VT, in addition to other BCA venues. The artist thanks you for taking the time to view her work!   



Julia Purinton

Morning Beach, oil on canvas, 37x31


My landscape paintings represent my effort to depict the essence of a place or moment in nature through the evocation of my memories of that place, rather than through the faithful reproduction of specific landmarks. I rely on photographs as a form of note-taking, and along with quick sketches and occasional on-site studies, I use photos to compose each painting in the studio as a composite image.

I work in the hope that viewers will also be moved by these images, and reminded of the importance of a diverse environment to our physical health, our psychological well-being, and our future as humans on our remarkable planet. Each of my paintings is a meditation, and a little prayer.



Shannon O'Connell

Aloha Print 3,  acrylic and gouache on canvas, 16x20


I'm focused on the detail and dreamlike color combinations. 
Many of my botanical paintings have phosphorescent and UV sensitive pigments mixed into the paint to allow secondary paintings to be revealed. I've always been enchanted by the magic in flowers.Over my years as an artist I have acquired a love for travel, exploring botanical gardens for inspiration. Having lived in Hawaii for 15 years my love for the ocean and flora shaped my art and the way I see color. 

My first solo art show was in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan. I have also done art for surf contest posters and trophies, commission pieces, surf apparel graphics and my Original paintings represented in Wyland Galleries on Oahu. My Studio in Vermont I'm able to work in a much larger scale and do more stencil work. My first project in Vermont was an 80' covered bridge, the floor stenciled by hand in red buffalo plaid. When I finish a painting I hope it gives the viewer a genuine feeling of paradise. 
Balance in each painting is important for me, having the right amount of patterns and loose elements complete a piece. Sometimes the glowing, secondary painting represents how a bee would see a blossom, in ultraviolet. Many patterns remain invisible on flowers to the human eye. Subject matter is around every bend, every petal and my "Bee Series" is an homage to our planets flower keepers. When I create each series putting in the detail is out of respect and enjoyment.



Mareva Millarc

The Wild Side, acrylic on canvas, 16x20


Motivated by the love of painting I create art that is free of representational reference. I delve into each piece with passion, intuition, and vision. Each painting becomes a deliberate dance of joy as each mark reveals beauty and truth. Spending time in the studio each day I delight in the freedom to voice my thoughts and feelings, translating them into abstract forms of expression.  With no reference to the real world, I eagerly explore the wild places where hidden feelings dwell. Through my work, I hope to share my experience as something to behold.



Kelly O'Neal

Breathe, photograph on canvas, 24x36


Photographer, traveler, data nerd, foodie, geographer, dog lover, sunset enthusiast: Kelly O’Neal creates ethereal, painterly photographs of the beauty of place.  Unlike most photographers, she seeks to move the camera during exposure, relying on years of practice to create the look she wants on her digital film.  Rather than documenting what your eyes directly see, she captures colors & shapes and seeks to evoke the essence of a locale and its quintessential moments.  

Kelly self-taught this technique beginning in 2007 in her basement apartment, combating the stress of a consulting job by photographing flower bouquets at midnight.  Probably while drinking whiskey.  Soon she expanded this technique to landscapes, and took the technique on the road during her travels.  Kelly grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and is currently based in Vermont where her photographic assistant, Teddy Bear, gets impatient for his cookie while waiting for mom to finish shooting beautiful sunsets over Lake Champlain. 




All artwork is available for sale. For more information, to purchase, or to see additional works by these artists, please contact Kate Ashman at (802) 865-7296 or