Burlington City Arts

UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center, located at 111 Colchester Avenue, has been exhibiting and purchasing the work of Vermont artists on the main medical center campus in various locations for many years, thanks to its ongoing partnership with Burlington City Arts. Rotating artwork can be found in the ACC East Pavilion 2 & West Pavilion 3, McClure 4, Breast Care Center, and Patient Garden.  Permanent artwork is also on display throughout the hospital.


December 2017 – April 2018


Nils Johnson




My painting is about color.  I employ stacks of associated colors that breathe through each other to create a vibrant, textured surface that is fun to investigate.  I start by creating what is essentially a color negative, the under-painting.  To determine the proper color for the large masses of the first layer, I stare for 30 seconds at the color I want to end up with and then gaze with unfocused eyes at a white sheet of paper.  A “ghost” image appears—for instance, a ghost cerulean blue shows up, having stared at a cool red.  A grove of pines in full sunlight start out dark brick red; yellow aspen begin their graphic life violet.  By allowing the under-painting to peak through by not completely over-painting, the eye blends the push-pulled colors, lights and darks, and places objects in space in a fascinating and unique way. 

A second concept: The most effective paintings, the ones that sparkle and catch your eye contain warms, cools and earth tones.  They also have light lights and dark darks.  (There is nothing worse than a “flat” painting.)  Shadows hold cool purples and blues, as well as warm darks.  Brighter passages hold warms, but also subtle cools.  Paintings are not photographs.  A landscape must show, not what is there, but what the artist feels about what is there.  I show my passion for life and art by creating exciting paintings with stacks of complementary colors, salt and peppered with warms, cools and earth tones—with plenty of value contrasts between them.  


Tom Cullins




My childhood passion for painting, drawing, and photography led me to the profession of architecture which I practiced for over 40 years, both in the United States and overseas. Throughout this career, painting and photography continued to be integral to my exploration of form, light, detail, and composition.

My aesthetic direction in both of these pursuits has always ranged from representational to purely abstract, responding to the light and character of each location and culture.  The joy of painting in Greece for over 30 years, mainly as a watercolorist, has allowed me to explore negative space and cubistic composition through its extraordinary light. Lately, I have used my background as an architect to explore more abstract composition, color, and complexity in my painting and photography, and, most recently, sculpture.  Finally, there is often the thrill of an unanticipated image that develops magically during the creative process of painting or shooting a photograph.

For me, creativity has been vital and is the spirit that keeps my life invigorating and exciting. Since retiring from my architectural firm, I have intensified my experimentation with painting and photography. I also continue to travel to Greece each summer where we have a home on the island of Kea.


Joy Huckins-Noss




Joy Huckins-Noss is a contemporary artist whose love for nature is seen in her vibrant canvases. Joy’s paintings feature tiny spots of color which combine optically. Her style is similar to pointillism, but has a fresh contemporary edge. She applies color in multiple layers to create a uniquely textured surface of color and light.

Joy began her art studies at Drew University, and then continued at the University of New Mexico, earning her BA in art. Joy participated in two residencies at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, where she studied painting in the tradition of the Impressionists. Joy has studied with other notable landscape painters such as Wolf Kahn, Don Stone, Charles Sovek, Doug Dawson and Ray Roberts. Today Joy resides in Vermont and spends the winter months in Arizona, creating art in both locations. Joy’s paintings focus on our relationship with the natural world. Landscapes of trees and bodies of water, plants, and objects found in nature, draw viewers into a deeper relationship with our environment. Joy’s art relies on the perceptive ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to mix the color dots. Her surfaces are rich, intense and seem to vibrate. “I love to work with the color to make the paintings glow. I want to bring the feelings and sensations of being outdoors into the painting”


Caleb Foster




Caleb’s life experiences have shaped a dynamic, multi-cultural perspective that is actively portrayed throughout his photography and artwork.  Born and raised internationally, but now based in Jericho, Vermont, Caleb loves capturing the amazing details Vermont has to offer.  He continues regularly exploring the rest of the globe as well, with his camera always in tow.  He focuses on nature, landscape, travel, portrait and snowflake photography.  With a profession in the Life Sciences, he enjoys fusing science and art by combining his expertise in Microscopy with his creative passions. 


Will Gallup




My love of nature has resounded through my entire life.  I have spent countless hours exploring forests, wetlands and other habitats to explore and document the beautiful array of life that is found there. I was originally driven by a scientific interest and documented many habitats and wildlife behavior with my camera, which was always my companion on my explorations.

I started looking at my photos, not only with a scientific eye, but with the eye of an artist celebrating the wonders to be seen and appreciated.  It is such a joy to be able to freeze time with a photo and to share with others the simple wonders to be found in our world.




All artwork is available for sale. For more information, to purchase, or to see additional works by these artists, please contact Kate Ashman at (802) 865-7296 or