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The Vermont Metro Gallery at the BCA Center presents and sells the artwork of Vermont artists working in a wide variety of contemporary media, with a focus on artists who are underrepresented in the Vermont market. Burlington City Arts arrives at this new venture through a mission-driven need to support Vermont artists and evolve Vermont's brand for the visual arts. As a non-profit organization with 20 years of experience presenting nationally renowned contemporary exhibitions and extensive experience in art sales with corporate and private clients, BCA is well-positioned to expand its service to both artists and the community. Exhibiting artists will benefit from BCA's established brand, and all Vermont artists, professional and emerging, will benefit from the Vermont Metro Gallery's larger efforts to better position them in the marketplace. At the same time, the community will receive a meaningful opportunity to purchase art work that is uniquely local and that supports the perpetuation of new art-makers of all ages through BCA's extensive education programs.

The Vermont Metro Gallery will showcase Vermont-based artists or those with strong ties to Vermont. It will draw from more than 150 artists who participate in BCA's existing leasing program, and artists who have a history of sales through BCA, a strong exhibition resume, and who regularly produce work. A critical component of the Metro Gallery will be to create a reciprocal relationship between sales potential of an artist and building a community of collectors. Events in the space will encourage collecting Vermont artists as a rewarding personal and social experience for a broad demographic.

The original Metropolitan Gallery was the first BCA gallery to feature local artists located in the foyer of City Hall in 1982. With the opening of BCA's Firehouse Gallery (now the BCA Center) in 1995, exhibitions began to showcase artwork by local and national artists intended to promote a rich public dialogue about contemporary issues through the arts rather than commercial sales. The BCA Center has since built an exceptional reputation for its contemporary exhibitions and will continue to bring outside voices into the Vermont arts landscape and support emerging artists. Now, by harnessing the enthusiasm and pride in the Vermont-made and focusing resources on the new Metro Gallery, BCA will return to some of its roots as a showplace for local/regional artists in Burlington.
BCA is seeking a small group of Founding Members who believe in the potential of our regional talent and the marketplace opportunity to grow this venture, and who have a desire to contribute to the growth of Vermont's local movement through the arts.
At the $3000 level a Founding Member receives:

  • $750 credit toward the purchase of Artwork through the Gallery. *
  • Exclusive previews
  • Cocktails with the artists
  • 10% off purchases for two years
  • Access to the space for private events
  • Plus all of the benefits of BCA membership.

*Unless waived, the tax deductible portion of the membership is $2250. The $750 credit is guaranteed at any time over the course of two years through BCA toward the purchase of artwork.