Burlington City Arts

Pierson Library

The Pierson Library, located at 5376 Shelburne Road, in Shelburne, features artwork curated by the BCA's External Exhibitions Program on a rotating basis.



October 2020 - February 2021



Julia Purinton

Autumn Meadow, 24x24, acrylic on canvas


My landscape paintings represent my effort to depict the essence of a place or moment in nature through the evocation of my memories of that place, rather than through the faithful reproduction of specific landmarks. I rely on photographs as a form of note-taking, and along with quick sketches and occasional on-site studies, I use photos to compose each painting in the studio as a composite image. 

I work in the hope that viewers will also be moved by these images, and reminded of the importance of a diverse environment to our physical health, our psychological well-being, and our future as humans on our remarkable planet. Each of my paintings is a meditation, and a little prayer.



Leah Barranco

Stone Pool, 24x36, oil on canvas


I translate the physical world around me by examining and exaggerating small details of landscapes and seascapes often overlooked by individuals. These specific elements are illustrated through use of intricate pattern, variety of brushstroke, opacity of paint and vivid colors. As I work into the painting, I become more observant of the patterns the image encompasses and naturally leads to: straight lines, undulating lines or recurrence of a particular shape. I work with glazes, transparencies, opacities, and consistencies, creating variety by contrast emulating that of the natural world.

 Throughout the process I try to keep an open mind, allowing myself to trust my instincts, so that the painting is genuine and evolves fluently. I want the viewer to leave their reality as I do when I create my work, entering into the space through the properties of the painting. I am inspired by the configuration of the natural and I want to enlighten the viewer by illuminating often-disregarded fragments found within a larger context. I want to convey their individual importance through the use of different mediums.


All artwork is available for sale. For more information, to purchase, or to see additional works by these artists, please contact Kate Ashman at (802) 865-7296 or