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The Drain is Just for Rain, I Lead to Lake Champlain!

Calling all artists!  This September, Burlington’s streets will come alive with color during the city’s first ever storm drain mural project. Chittenden County Stream Team (CCST will be accepting art concepts for this storm water awareness campaign between now and Wednesday, September 7.

The purpose of the mural project will be to raise public awareness about storm water runoff. When it rains, trash and pollutants on our streets are carried into drains and directly into nearby streams or lakes. By painting Burlington’s storm drains, we remind residents and passerbys that these systems are connected to Lake Champlain, and get beautiful art adorning our streets in the process!

If you are an artist and are interested in the details, keep on reading.  If you know an artist who might be interested, please pass this along!


CCST will also be looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping out or potentially even helping the artists paint on September 24. Contact if you are interested!



Of the art concepts received, four will be selected by a public art review panel comprised of representatives from CCST, Burlington Public Works Commission staff, and Burlington City Arts. Drains will be chosen in different areas of the City in advance by CCST. Each artist will receive a $500 stipend upon successful completion of their mural.  In order to be selected the following conditions must be met:
  • Artist must paint be able and available to paint their mural on Saturday, September 24 (rain date: Saturday October 1st). Artist’s will have the option to paint their mural solo or allow volunteers to assist them.

  • Artwork must contain a storm water awareness message.  It can be "The Drain is Just for Rain, I Lead to Lake Champlain" - or your own, unique message.

  • Artists will be responsible for all paints, brushes, and supplies needed to paint their mural. Must coordinate with CCST staff to ensure the correct type of paint and supplies are used.

Note: All drains are the traditional square drains visible on streets and adjacent to sidewalks (see picture for reference)


The selection committee will utilize the following points system to choose final four designs:

  1. Mural concept clearly conveys and communicates the importance of keeping waterways clean and/or not dumping down drains - 5 pts

  2. Mural concept contains a catchy, environmental message - 5 pts

  3. Mural can easily be painted within the five square foot area surrounding the drain, and concept utilizes side-walk space - 5 pts


To see cool examples of other storm drain mural projects, visit:


To submit your art, mail to 300 Interstate Corporate Center, Suite 200, Williston, VT 05495 or send a jpeg version of your art to Concepts must be postmarked or submitted no later than 5 pm on Wednesday, September 7.  For questions, please also contact Holly at the above email or call 802-288-8155 ext 104


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