Art is an integral part of the fabric of a city. It helps tell the story of the city, creates a unique sense of place, contributes to neighborhood vitality, and stimulates new economic activity. BCA's Art in Public Places program supports the development of art in the public realm that is creative, well crafted and integrated into the physical, cultural, and historical context. For more information or to be notified of public art opportunities, please contact Colin Storrs, Public Art and Grants Program Manager.

Learn more about Burlington's Percent For Public Art Ordinance and read the ordinance here.

Access Burlington's Art in Public Places guidelines.

Bank Street Murals
Cherry Street Murals
Clark Derbes Mural
The ONE Mural Project, Front Street
The ONE Mural Project, Intervale Ave
You are Loved
Millennium Sculpture
City Place Community Art Murals - South
So. Co: File Under
Big Joe Burrell
Water Treatment Plant Sculpture Collection
The Burlington Earth Clock
A mural that shows a black woman's face from the eyes up, with tropical flowers in her hair, and mountains and a lake in the background. Large gold earrings hang below the mural.
Ferene Existing While Black
Sculpture on the Highway
Mural by Egypt Hagan of black man thinking on colorful background
The Silent Symphony
wood wall sculpture with poetry woven into wood
Maple Apple Birch
Brightly Colored Trees
Mushroom Grove
Deer and Bear Fountain
Kindred Spirits
City Place Community Art Murals - West
General William Wells
Unfailing Dialogue
Bird and Cattails
Our Mountains Our Home
Samuel De Champlain
Whale Tails
Andy A_Dog Williams
All that Jazz: Portrait of Matthew Evan Taylor
Kelis the Afronaut
A colorful mural painted on a brick wall depicting a black woman wearing a hijab and holding a baby, children on a spinning playground structure, and a black teenager wearing a white hijab, all centered in a field of sunflowers.
Liberation Through Imagination
Fabric of Life
Katster Lock
Kryptonite Lock
Watersheds to the Lake
Kiss #2
Koru Rising
Silver School
Green State Gardener Mural
Hilton Hotel Mural
Equitorial Sundial
Bus Ball
Lars Fisk, Brownstone Ball
Brownstone Ball
A round ball sculpture of a train engine
Train Ball
Mermaid House
Pomerleau Neighborhood Park
A mural depicting a young black boy wearing a navy blue hoodie, holding a sign that says "Listen" with the sun shining behind him.
Humming Bird
Inside Out
A mural mounted on a low, cement building that depicts dark skinned adolescent boys and girls, outlined in vibrant colors against a bright blue sky background with large, stylized orange, pink and red flowers
A Love Supreme
Mural of black woman with yellow background and text from the emancipation proclamation
Absolute Equality
Equinox Sculpture
Road To Emmaus
Road to Emmaus
Three Children
Tree of Knowledge
Battery Park Extension Sculptures
Ethan Allen
Chief Greylock
Stained Glass Skylight
City Market
A mural mounted on a brick building depicts a dark skinned madonna and child, with the mother wearing a purple, pink and yellow robe and the child held in her arms, reaching for her bowed head wearing an aqua tunic. The background is black and grey marbleized swirls
Black Freedom, Black Madonna & the Black Child of Hope
City Place Community Art Murals - East
Arete Blu
Ira Allen
Conant Metal And Light
Winged Monkeys
A photograph of a temporary wall covered in colorful murals, in front of dark gray building with corrugated metal siding and a blue sign that reads BCA Studios Burlington City Arts.
4 x 8 Mural Project [Legacy]
City Market
Turning Point Center Mural
A multi-colored stained glass dome
O.N.E. Der Dome
Bronze sculpture of a woman reaching up with both hands
Shapes and Colors