Burlington City Arts

BCA Hires New Print Studio Technician, Katie Loesel

"I love teaching in the print studio and am excited to continue to work with all the printmakers and not-yet-printmakers in our fun community!"

- Katie

More about Katie:

Katie Loesel grew up on Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio and a Certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. She is a sailor, crafter, vegetable gardener, environmentalist, hiker, cyclist, and lover of local food and drink. After living in Thailand and Boston, Katie moved to Vermont to focus on her art. She tends to make prints, drawings, installations, and books, as well as creations on her sewing machine. She recently completed a month long artist residency at Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been exhibited nationally, with frequent shows throughout Vermont. Katie is the recipient of a 2016 Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant. Katie has her hand in a lot of printmaking these days, teaching at Burlington City ArtsChamplain College, and as the Production Manager at New Duds. Check out her artwork at

Photo courteosy of Katie on a trip to Newfoundland in 2016.



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