Burlington City Arts

Of Land and Local

Of Land and Local celebrates its fifth year at the BCA Center & Shelburne Farms. 16 new and returning artists further explore last year’s watershed focus bringing a fresh perspective to this important topic.

The exhibit explores how issues relating to the watershed fit within a domestic and global context. Themes investigate ideas of place, conservation, commodification, and water’s cultural role within our community.


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Diana Al-Hadid: IMMATERIAL

Syrian-American artist Diana Al-Hadid creates towering sculptures and ethereal wall pieces that evoke classical architecture and art history. Al-Hadid’s complex, multi-faceted works upend traditional notions of painting versus sculpture and embrace loftier oppositions: beauty and decay, evolution and entropy, real and imagined. Along with her large-scale wall works and mylar drawings, the exhibit features the stunning, monumental sculpture, Phantom Limb (2014).

Vibrant Vermont

Vibrant Vermont celebrates the profound relationship that exists between Vermont landscape painters and their subject. Each artist uses a different style to express the dynamic beauty of the place they call home.

Dave Kennedy: A Stranger Stands Here

Questioning our perceptions of others and ourselves, Dave Kennedy creates striking installations comprised of photocopies, constructions, and cast off materials. Kennedy engages viewers with seemingly mundane imagery that is both playful and visually deceptive.



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