Burlington City Arts

BCA Education: Mixed Level Darkroom Student Show

Come see the work of students in Burlington City Arts' Mixed Level Darkroom program, featuring the work of Krista Dy, Renee Greenlee, Merle Siiro, and Andrew Silva. This class allows students at all levels to conceptualize and complete individual photographic projects of their choosing under the guidance of the Photography Program Director.


Taking advantage of the diverse range of artistic practices that visit Vermont each summer through BCA’s Seven Below artist residency program, this exhibition will transform the gallery into a space of constant flux.  Three former artists-in-residence have been invited back to Vermont for this summer's residency  to participate in the exhibition which will feature a total of 11 former residents.  The three artists in residence, Thu Kim Vu, Meghan Gordon (working in collaboration with Cortney Andrews), Rob Swainston  have been charged with installing, reinstalling, adding to, reducing, or re


Burlington City Arts was pleased to present a two-day special exhibition at Shelburne Farm’s Coach Barn, which honored the life and work of artist Emily O. “Lee” Garrison (1928–2014).


Clark Derbes

The abstract constructions of BCA’s 2015 Barbara Smail Award winner, Clark Derbes, combined the vernacular of Louisiana craft and folk art, with Op-Art and geometric pattern-based painting. Derbes’ use of vivid colors, playful titles and sincere execution collapsed the cold distance of modernism to highlight the humanity behind the construction of an art object.    

Exhibition sponsored by Seven Days.

Cal Lane: Traditional Culprits

Bridging industry and fine art, Cal Lane eliminates the tough and imposing characteristics of steel and iron to create alluring, delicate, and intricate sculptural forms. Using wheelbarrows, shovels, and fuel tanks as her canvas, Lane transforms these once functional objects into ‘industrial doilies’ ornate with lacy motifs that reference domestic life. Soil is reinterpreted and re-purposed, elevating it from a modest material of the Earth to a medium for the artist’s imagination.