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THIS WEEKEND: Join Rebecca Schwarz at Button Bay for the Land(e)scape Workshop!





Creating "Water Watchers" in Grand Isle With Riki Moss



Upcoming Workshop: Create Art With Post-Consumer Plastic!

Join Burlington artist Rebecca Schwarz at Button Bay during park hours on August 7-9 and August 14-16 to contribute to Land(e)scape, a sculpture made entirely from post-consumer plastics!


A Summer Day at Elmore State Park with Liz Nelson


Swimmers and picnic-goers flocked to the shores of Lake Elmore in Morrisville's Elmore State Park yesterday to make the most of the hot July sun. In the shade of the historic Nature Center, Of Land and Local artist in residence Liz Nelson greeted curious visitors as she worked on her collection of paintings of Elmore's trails and lakeside beaches.


Notes From Shelburne Farms: Wendy Copp & Susan Raber Bray Explore Negative Space

In June, Wendy Copp and Susan Raber Bray began their OLAL 2015 residency at Shelburne Farms. The project? To "call attention to the negative space between paired trees." Using natural materials found on the farm, such as an invasive species of grapevine, the duo will utilize primitive weaving techniques and styles of wrapping and binding to accomplish their task.


Rick Norcross : The Faces of Rock & Roll - 1969 to 1974


Of Land and Local 2015

Of Land & Local is an annual multidisciplinary, statewide exhibition designed to initiate a dialog about issues surrounding art and the environment that relates to the Vermont landscape.