Burlington City Arts

R. Elliott Katz

R. Elliott Katz’s work grows out of a practice based on physicality, deliberation, and repetition, and his work represents the natural world in tension with the needs of people. At The Barn, Elliott crafted a series of synthetic tree trunks in mirror-finished fiberglass and resin. The sculpture was exhibited in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and is currently on view at the Maltex Building in Burlington, Vermont. He also began a series of cast plastic motor oil containers that enshrined political figures related to the oil crisis as well as scenes from oil-dependant Americana.


Anna Schachte

Anna Schachte’s paintings deal with American iconography, landscape idioms, and the abstracted landscape. While at The Barn, Anna worked closely with a local elementary school to explore the links between poetry and visual art. The workshop led students through an exploration of poetry inspired by a selection of paintings and guided the students in writing their own poetry.


Josh Reiman

Josh Reiman’s work investigates the bridging of reality and the imagined through photography, film and sculpture. His work exploits and distills the essence of human greatness and fringe behavior. At The Barn, Josh created a dynamic opportunity for a crew of interns and volunteers to document his performance-oriented project, including the construction of a monumental pyramid from hay bales.


Carlos Ferguson

Carlos Ferguson developed a method of performance at The Barn that uses his Airstream as a mobile projection unit to screen found and re-edited home movies. Carlos engaged locals at the supermarket, in town parks, and at public gatherings with the allure of the flickering image. The model Carlos developed at The Barn has become the foundation for Tiny Circus, a residency program Carlos established in his native Iowa.


Klara Hobza

Klara Hobza built and tested bird traps for her project called, “Nay, I’ll Have a Starling”. In this performance and video piece, Klara attempted to capture and deport 60 European Starlings from Central Park as an allegory to the expatriation of humankind. Klara also created a moss library behind The Barn that assembled and showcased the multitude of Bryophytic species that grow in the forest.


Charmaine Weatley

Charmaine Wheatley uses watercolors to depict everything from sunsets to eavesdropped conversations. Charmaine spent many days at the Converse Home, a retirement community in downtown Burlington, Vermont. She visually documented her interactions with residents, recording their personal histories, desires, and general states of being. She later assembled the drawings she made from these conversations into a small, mobile catalog.


Haisi Hu

 Haisi Hu, a native of China, works with narrative videos by using animated puppets, toys and mannequins. She creates sophisticated and flexible armatures for her characters and elaborate sets as backdrops for her stories. Haisi sculpted characters for her video, “On the Debris of Affluence” at The Barn, which is a story is about four people trapped inside a cathedral during a flood. Though based on the actions of figurines, the story captures the essence of the human condition by pairing an apocalyptic vision with enduring art historical detritus.