Burlington City Arts

Matt Bollinger

Matt Bollinger’s paintings and drawings depict fictional social groups who congregate at concerts, art collective performances or karaoke bars. At The Barn, Matt worked on several large paintings and began an experiment with shadow-puppetry animation. Matt wrote, filmed and performed in a short film based on the parallel characteristics of the classic vampire film Nosferatu and the life and fears of the painter Edvard Munch.


Lisa Iglesias

Lisa Iglesias plays with notions of scale and placement in her art by using intricate marks on a very large scale. She displays her work in a variety of places, such as walls, ceilings, ‘zines, and posters. Lisa worked on a series of cut paper wall pieces that fused Latin and Scandinavian folklore into an American celebration motif–the party banner. Lisa is a second generation New Yorker and is part of the art collaborative Las Hermanas Iglesias with her sister, Janelle.


Christine Gray

Christine Gray paints hyper-detailed still lives from bizarre tableaus, giving a sense of distortion or parody to the everyday. The rural environment surrounding The Barn provided Christine with artistic fodder, including moss, twigs and feathers, which formed the foundation for a series of watercolors. Christine is currently an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Maria Pithara

Maria Pithara, a native of Cyprus, uses her art to explore the interconnectedness of the actions and peoples in the world around her. Her work combines both performance and the moving picture. At The Barn, Maria worked on several facets of a film project that included sewn props and script revisions. She spent many afternoons hiking for hours in the forest surrounding The Barn—experiences that deeply affected Maria’s later work.


Peter Miller

Peter Miller started out as a magician in his native Vermont and turned to art as a way to explore illusions that are true. He is interested in cinema and the moving picture, using the medium to study the line between the technical and aesthetic merits of art. At The Barn, Peter constructed several large prisms that he animated with light and sound. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany.


Mia Feurer

Mia Feurer comes from a Hebrew-Zionist education, and has lived in both Israeli and Palestinian territories. The difficult cultural and geo-political problems of our world play a significant role in Mia’s art. Provoking and unusual, Mia’s work consists of architectural forms and installations. Using blueboard insulation foam, paint and plaster, Mia fabricated a contorted subway tunnel at The Barn which she later exhibited several times throughout the Northeast. Her work was also featured in a solo exhibition a the BCA Center in 2010. 


Will Walker

Will Walker is fascinated by architecture and history surrounding him. One of the many projects Will created at The Barn was an installation that consisted of a cardboard box, an assemblage of colored plastic, and a makeshift tracing paper lens. When sunlight struck the colored plastic that lay inside the box, it reflected lines of moving color onto the tracing paper lens to produce a mesmerizing light show that was completely solar powered.