Burlington City Arts

Mia Feurer

Mia Feurer comes from a Hebrew-Zionist education, and has lived in both Israeli and Palestinian territories. The difficult cultural and geo-political problems of our world play a significant role in Mia’s art. Provoking and unusual, Mia’s work consists of architectural forms and installations. Using blueboard insulation foam, paint and plaster, Mia fabricated a contorted subway tunnel at The Barn which she later exhibited several times throughout the Northeast. Her work was also featured in a solo exhibition a the BCA Center in 2010. 


Will Walker

Will Walker is fascinated by architecture and history surrounding him. One of the many projects Will created at The Barn was an installation that consisted of a cardboard box, an assemblage of colored plastic, and a makeshift tracing paper lens. When sunlight struck the colored plastic that lay inside the box, it reflected lines of moving color onto the tracing paper lens to produce a mesmerizing light show that was completely solar powered.


Thu Vu Kim

Thu Vu Kim’s drawings are created spontaneously without intention or meaning – they are a form of meditation that chart the unexpected events that occur between thought and physical expression.  Thu will travel from Hanoi, Vietnam to participate in the Seven Below Arts Initiative.


Hon Eui Chen

Hon Eui Chen’s work focuses on issues of duality, identity, and memory.  Her installations imbue materials with the residual emotions emerging from her scattered personal history – she is a culturally displaced child raised in Mississippi but born in a refugee camp on the border of Thailand to an immigrant Cambodian family of Chinese descent.  Hon joins Seven Below Arts Initiative from Richmond, Virginia.


Chris Mahonski

Chris Mahonski, a Richmond, Virginia-based artist, intricately layers found and constructed objects into sculpture that loosely translate ephemeral memories into a dreamlike state of reality.


David Grainger

David Grainger’s installations play on perception and combine the figurative with phenomenological abstractions.  His work examines cultural landscapes through the personal senses, and he explores the predicaments that dig into common popular symbols for multi-layered meaning.  David currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Megan Bisbee-Durlam

Megan Bisbee-Durlam, a Vermont native, assembles whimsical installations from modest, re-purposed materials.  Her work addresses issues related to environmental degradation and preservation, and optimism in a time of great transition.  Megan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.