Burlington City Arts

General George Stannard

Lakeview Cemetery, North Avenue
1891, bronze
This statue was erected over General Stannard’s grave site and commemorates the life of this Civil War hero. The General Stannard House stands at the northwest corner of Pearl and George Streets. Another replica of this piece can be found at Gettysburg.

Photo by Michael Weizenegger


Chief Grey Lock

Battery Park, Battery Street
1982, wood
Peter Toth created and donated a sculpture in every American state and Canadian province to commemorate the legacy of the Native American people. The Abenaki tribe of this area decided to name the piece after their last great warrior, Chief Grey Lock. It was Toth’s 47th statue in honor of Native Americans.

Photo by Michael Weizenegger


Burlington High School Sculpture Collection

52 Institute Road (Burlington High School)
Tree of Knowledge, 1992, copper and corten steel (Pictured left)
Column of Learning, 1993, copper and corten steel
Bell Structure, 1994, mixed media and corten steel
Naturalist Stone, 1997, stone

Photo by Michael Weizenegger


Traffic Signal Control Boxes

South Winooski and Pearl Street
2007, Acrylic



200 Church Street
2007, Acrylic