Burlington City Arts

Corin Hewitt: The Grey Flame and the Brown Light


Tarrah Krajnak: Inch of Dust

In this exhibition Peruvian-born, Midwest-raised artist Tarrah Krajnak examined the function of the photograph in the authentication of origins, identity and the experiential. Appropriating the photographer Chambi’s archived photos of Peruvians, Krajnak juxtaposed object and image by projecting the pictures onto sculptural paper bodies and distorting them by way of re-photographing.

Steve Budington: Homunculus

In Steve Budington’s Homunculus, human bodies unravelled, flew apart, and merged with prosthetic technology. Budington’s new body of work took as its point of departure the neuroscientific concept of the “cortical homunculus”: a remapped image of the human form that scaled body parts in relation to the degree of sensory input present in each area.

Alisa Dworsky: Drawing Strength

With ropes and bamboo, artist and architectural designer Alisa Dworsky transformed the east and west galleries into complex physical environments.