Burlington City Arts

Alisa Dworsky: Drawing Strength

With ropes and bamboo, artist and architectural designer Alisa Dworsky transformed the east and west galleries into complex physical environments.

Scott Lenhardt: Good House

Taking inspiration from classic fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, snowboarding culture and his own native Vermont landscape, Scott Lenhardt envelops visitors in a parallel reality of otherworldly landscapes.

Bill McDowell: Ashes in the Night Sky

Bill McDowell’s poetic exhibition, Ashes in the Night Sky explored notions of loss and transcendence through large-scale black and white photography.

Thought Bombers

In this exhibition, artist and designer Michael Jager and his team of designers collaborated on the creation of one-of-a-kind kites meant to evoke imagery of grand ideas, personal goals, self reflection and emotions that exist above and beyond our earthly lives.

Lewis Rubenstein: Legacy

With an artistic career spanning seven decades, this exhibition featured three distinct bodies of work from Lewis Rubenstein.

Outdoor Excursions

Guest curated by Art in America writer Gregory Volk, Outdoor Excursions featured work by thirteen internationally acclaimed artists on three floors of the BCA Center.