Burlington City Arts

Gregg Blasdel: Bounty

2012 Barbara Smail Award winner Gregg Blasdel explores social memory through objects and customs that recall cultural events, experiences and people. Raised in the Midwest, Blasdel was inspired by regional customs among farmers and ranchers who picked objects from fields or kept trophies from hunts and placed them on fence posts and barns.

Seat's Taken

Seat’s Taken was a group exhibition designed to continue the community-wide dialogue initiated by ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center’s recent exhibition, RACE: Are We So Different?.

User Required

Innovative light and sound-focused technologies that fuel a new generation of art “making” were the focus of this exhibition. The BCA Center was transformed into a multi-floor interactive space that showcased experiential and customizable technologies that blurred the distinctions between science, art, and technology.