Burlington City Arts

Seat's Taken

Seat’s Taken was a group exhibition designed to continue the community-wide dialogue initiated by ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center’s recent exhibition, RACE: Are We So Different?.

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Innovative light and sound-focused technologies that fuel a new generation of art “making” were the focus of this exhibition. The BCA Center was transformed into a multi-floor interactive space that showcased experiential and customizable technologies that blurred the distinctions between science, art, and technology.

sarah o donnell: A Visible Night

From horror films to stories of neighborhood gentrification, abandoned structures are concrete symbols of our past and fertile territory to continuously reimagine our future. Known for her light-based installations that use mysterious buildings to explore place, isolation, and the tension between still photography and the moving image, Sarah O Donnell’s BCA exhibition focused on Burlington’s Moran Plant.