Burlington City Arts

sarah o donnell: A Visible Night

From horror films to stories of neighborhood gentrification, abandoned structures are concrete symbols of our past and fertile territory to continuously reimagine our future. Known for her light-based installations that use mysterious buildings to explore place, isolation, and the tension between still photography and the moving image, Sarah O Donnell’s BCA exhibition focused on Burlington’s Moran Plant.

Heather McGill: Night Moves

Heather McGill draws upon the history of art, her artistic practice, and formal considerations to infuse content into her work. A sculptor, painter, and installation artist, McGill seeks to understand form, surface, light and color by fabricating pristine objects that appear to be mass-produced.

Of Land and Local


"A layered location is replete with human histories and memories, place has width as well as depth. It is about connections, what surrounds it, what formed it, what happened there, what will happen there."