Burlington City Arts

Airport Gallery

BCA’s Art Sales & Leasing program curates 3 areas of the Airport with local artists from the BCA Artist Database. These sections are located at the Skyway, Gates 1-8 and near the escalator in main portion of the building. Artwork rotates every few months in these locations.


July-October ‘17:


Featured: Family Room Family



Family Room Family is a group of parents and community members organized in response to staff and program cuts at the Janet S. Munt Family Room in 2015. We organized to support the center, advocating for the needs of staff and of the community.

This display, Faces of the Family Room, celebrates a diverse group of families who all make use of the program at the Janet S. Munt Family Room, a parent-child center that supports families through parenting classes, shared play, nutrition and gardening, support group for dads, early literacy, home visiting, infant massage, post-partum support and a community preschool. In 2017 the center will leave the Visiting Nurse Association, which has run it since its founding.  In this time of transition, the families continue to rally around it, celebrating the larger Family they have become.

The portraits were taken by Steve Mann, a Family Room volunteer.


Artist: Greg Danford

Website: N/A

I have always believed that the best investment you can make in your photography is plane tickets. So while I’ve been fortunate to live in Vermont, one of the world’s most scenic places, for 25 years, I’ve been just as fortunate to have traveled through Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and many part of the U.S. What hangs on these walls is a small sample of what I’ve seen along the way. Hope you enjoy my take on the world.

July - November ‘17


Artist: Mary Hill



I love pattern and textile design. The abstract paintings are a way for me to organize color and form in an intuitive way. My hand moves and chooses paint color. I think the abstracts hint at overall decorative design...and then wander into other territory. An adventure into the unknown: I like that. The landscapes were created when my kids were teenagers. I was working on using a lighter color palette (analogy for “lightening up” myself…”chillax” Mom.) I painted them in response to a challenging few years, adding white to a palette that was usually thick with dark, rich colors. I work with many colors of paint spread out on a tray. I like using acrylic because of the easy clean up. I work from images in my head: when I set out to paint something I think up a design. What I paint that day depends on how I am feeling. I never have knowledge of the exact outcome of the work. Painting makes time disappear. I feel like I have created a little bit of peace in my corner of the world after I have been painting.