I create color images that help me reveal what I feel about the natural world: its colors, shapes, textures, lines, and forms. My background in science supports my visual expressions where my goal is to make a connection between myself and the observer. I try to make familiar and simple things in nature acquire the elegance that I see through my lenses. I seek to inspire the observer, subconsciously or not, to develop special vision and see beauty where one might not even know to look. My lenses are my brushes and to create images that transcend the ordinary, I must know exactly how each will visually express the light that I see. My years as a photography instructor have helped me refine and express to my students myriad photographic concepts, thereby helping me to become a better artist. Although there are spectacular vistas everywhere, I also create abstracts or close-ups that share what I feel about each place. I see an invisible image in my mind’s eye and then endeavor to express it artistically. I study flowers from all sides and bring them right up to my lens, rendering only a small margin in focus. An abstract colorful shape emerges from a soft, foggy haze. The land can be quiet and subtle or grand and expansive. Sometimes to express the landscape in its scale, I use just a rock or a tree or other shapes and textures. My work focuses on nature’s different colors and music. The Rockies and the West could be characterized by The Halleluiah Chorus, hot southern swamps by The Blues, and les Verts Monts - a symphonic orchestral piece with a melody that sings the story of Vermont. The West’s craggy snow-capped peaks, the grand open Great Plains, dramatic rocky ocean sides, the startling quietness of a New England snowfall in the woods, the rich nuances of November’s colors, the palette of color swells in the short burst of fall foliage, the march of spring wildflowers, or the majesty that is Africa… all are my subjects. I appreciate, though do not seek to make, social commentary, editorial images, or contemporary statements, but rather to make beautiful paintings with my lenses.