Before Boston Neary moved to Vermont in 2011, all she knew about birds was trying to get birdies on the golf course. Her life changed when she moved to a house on Shelburne Bay in Shelburne. Every day she started seeing scores of different birds—including eagles, osprey and snowy owls. And each morning and evening during the summer she was wowed by incredible sunrises and sunsets. She knew that none of her friends from around the country would believe Vermont’s incredible beauty. She started ‘winging it’ at first by trying to take pictures of fast-moving birds with an iPhone—and quickly found that was impossible. Her first camera was a souped-up point and shoot that she soon found could shoot distance shots, but didn’t have the ability to shoot many photos quickly. The quest to find the right camera continued over the next couple of years. She became best friends with the local camera store as she continually upgraded to newer and different levels of DSLR’s (with bigger and bigger lenses). She has settled on two Nikons, and a mirrorless Olympus and--plenty of lenses including the ‘big mama’ 200-500mm to catch the long-distance shots. Where golf was once her driving passion, nature photography has taken over Boston’s life. Being outdoors and capturing these moments brings her incredible joy – and the what makes her incredibly happy is the ability to share it via social media – Boston Neary Nature Photography on Facebook – and at different public showings. She truly believes that Vermont has brought out the artist in her. She has a long list of bucket places to visit: Costa Rica, Galapagos and Iceland to name a few – but she also knows she is incredibly blessed to be able to walk out her front door to catch Vermont’s incredible beauty. Her photography has been featured on/in: WCAX-TV; Vermont Magazine; Burlington Free Press;; Lake Champlain Committee; Lake Champlain Maritime Museum; Dragonheart Vermont and Best of Central Vermont Magazine. She is currently the publisher of South Burlington and Shelburne Living magazine.