Caleb’s life experiences have shaped a dynamic, multi-cultural perspective that is actively portrayed throughout his photography and artwork. Born and raised internationally, but now based in Jericho, Vermont, Caleb loves capturing the amazing details Vermont has to offer. He continues regularly exploring the rest of the globe as well, with his camera always in tow. He focuses on nature, landscape, travel, portrait and snowflake photography. With a profession in the Life Sciences, he enjoys fusing science and art by combining his expertise in Microscopy with his creative passions. On snowy winter days, you will likely find Caleb on his back porch pursuing one of his favorite activities - snowflake photography with a homemade microscope. Hours of patience and perseverance in sub-zero temperatures help him capture fleeting designs that will never be repeated. He has photographed over 3000 individual snowflakes over the last decade and enjoys sharing these intricate snowflake designs with others.