Primarily a self-taught artist, Casey explores her experiences through the engaging and often unpredictable print medium of monoprinting. She is most interested in the spiritual aspects that emerge in the image, particularly relating to how we live in the world and how the world lives in us. In the beginning the work may be a search for answers, but in the end it's more about being here without them. Casey Blanchard was born in Greenwich, CT in 1953. She lives in Shelburne, VT with her husband, Dan Cox, and their daughter, Julia Cox. Her artwork is found on the walls of health care facilities, private residential collections, corporate offices, the hospitality industry, on web designs and various published materials. You are welcomed in her studio by appointment. Please visit Casey's website, I stand at the printing press armed with my tools, plates, paper, and inks. Like bees returning to the hive, images funnel into my well, ready to be transformed into tactile expression. Glistening globs of chemistry and pigment color the palette and tempt the bristles and the sticky smack of the brayer. The smell of the oils blending and the moment the brush tip touches the surface is enticing. Print by print, the image starts to breath and to whisper "Here I am". My heart feels its rhythm. Like the chrysalis, the essence shifts into shape. Pattern develops; color and values take a stand. Time flies by and stands still. The creative process is alive. Some people are lucky to love their work. Perhaps they love to deliver babies, pound nails, cook exquisite meals, inspire students, or navigate the seas. I love to make art, to interpret and share my experiences, through the art form of monoprinting. The process of monoprinting is engaging, surprising, fluid, and in the moment. It is unpredictable and fun. It is not what is apparent that interests me. It is the mysteries behind the frayed veil, the torn edge, and the unspoken word that intrigue me. It is the hints at the essence of existence and the glimmers of truth that have drawn me into the illuminating world of the arts. My search for relevance is a bit like an archeological dig. I use my art, the paint and the printing press to examine. In the natural and manmade environment, I look for clues, watch and listen. The eternal questions continue to compel me - who are we, what are we doing here, and does anyone out/up there care? My desire to understand the world, our consciousness, and to serve in a positive way can be a challenge. Creative expression is the sanity check that allows my internal and external concerns to connect and feel grounded. As important as creating the art is witnessing when people see it in the art. It can be anything that wakes up the viewer's perception. From the most mundane to the most significant matters - a bug, a feather, a fern, the rhythm of nature, a musical note, a mountain peak, or an idea - I sense exciting interconnections within them. I strive to translate that inspiration to the viewer in a nonverbal, nonlinear way. Can art create a resonance and increased awareness of ones own personal and collective human experience? Can it make a difference in the journey? I can offer a small step, a step that can encourage reflection, exploration, and a connection to meaning. That connection is what inspires me. The poet, Rumi, says "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."