Burlington City Arts and The City of Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office collaborated on this temporary mural project, which invited artists to paint panels around the construction barriers surrounding the City Place Burlington site on Bank and Cherry Streets. Twenty five artists were selected to participate in the project and completed the work on site in a day. The purpose of the mural project was to help mitigate the impact of construction for the local community by showcasing the breadth of talent in Vermont. In the months after the completion of the murals, Brookfield, a majority owner of the City Place project, announced it would leave the partnership, leaving the project’s completion date in limbo.
Artists: Scottie Raymond, Ron Hernandez, Wylie Garcia, Corinne Yonce, Sunniva Dutcher, Abby Manock, Kat Lawlis, Phillip Godenschwager, Emily Bundock, Lydia Ode, Caitlin La Dolce, Max Hodgwon, Mary Hill, Cole Glover, Elizabeth Harris, Meili Stokes, Nikki Laxar, Maggie Standley, Eric Newman, Brian Clark, Shastina Ann-Wallace, Clark Derbes, Robert Hitzig, Jess Graham, Tony Shull