McClure Senior Center

Three sides of this building hosts murals created by King Street Center Youth, Burlington High School Students and Reta A. Masters at the McClure Senior Center in 2015. At that time, the plan for the stalled City Place renovation had been in early stages.

Burlington City Arts coordinated their development for the mall owner, working with teaching artist Alyssa Faber, who facilitated artmaking workshops with each group around the theme, “What does Burlington mean to me.” The mural facing Lake Champlain was created by Burlington High School Art 2 Honors students Georgia Essig, Alicia Breen, and Nikki Miller. The mural facing south was created by King Street Youth Barni Hassan, Nikkiah Atwood and Zanaia Hanmond. The mural facing east was created by Reta A. Masters at the McClure Senior Center.The fourth side of the building was already wrapped by in a photo muralby L.L. Bean.

From high-resolution photos, the selected images were enlarged and printed by Sign Depot of Vermont, who installed the images in sections over the walls and windows with a material that does not obscure the windows from within.

Reta A. Masters