A man in white swim trunks and a woman in a red bathing suit stand in front of an airstream trailer.
Architecture + Design Film Series: Alumination
Contois Auditorium



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In 1929 entrepreneur, traveler, and visionary Wally Byam built the first Airstream travel trailer in the backyard of his California home. For many the word "Airstream" signifies more than just the image of an aerodynamic silver bullet gliding down the highway; it also evokes the spirit of innovation, adventure, resilience, and dynamism. Bambi, Caravel, Flying Cloud—just as these trailers have evolved over the years, so too has their use. In addition to camping trips and long summer vacations, they are now used as full-time residences, guest homes, food trucks, recording studios and more. Wally Byam didn't just create a tool for travel; he created a blueprint for modern nomadic living.  ALUMINATION will undoubtedly stir the age-old desire to pack up and discover what lies beyond the next range of hills.


Directed by Eric Bricker, 2021, USA, 77 Minutes

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Alumination Trailer from Kaleidoscope Mediaworks on Vimeo.

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