two bench seats directly in front of video screen of abstract art in a gallery
Vocables Workshop: Add Your Voice with Heidi Ann Wilson and Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Add your voice to the next iteration of Falling Into Language's soundscape, a film and art installation by Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, currently on view at BCA Center as part of the exhibit Falling Into Language: A Travelogue. Workshop participants will view the film with its imagery becoming a catalyst to explore vocal sounding as an expression of individual connection to our cosmic origins. Participants are guided to make their own vocables* in response to the film's soundscape, and will have the opportunity to submit audio recordings to be used for the final iteration of the film’s soundscape.

*vocables: sounds that are linked to the larger web of relationships to land, place, and the non-human world – rather than to words and literal meaning

Song leader Heidi Ann Wilson, one of the musicians the artist collaborated with to create Falling Into Language's original soundscape, and Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees will lead the workshop. 

Add Your Voice workshop series is co-presented with UVM’s Crossroads Leadership Lab.

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