I create scenes in stained glass. I go for humor, usually, and beauty.Soul searching—your soul, or my soul—is optional. I do the occasional dark or edgy piece, but even there, angst is optional. I do a lot of pet portraits. With those, I try to depict a special moment. A snapshot, inglass. Stained glass, strangely, seems to capture animal essence excellently. The stillness that animals achieve lends itself to the crispness of glass. Moments, seized.Virtually all my pieces include animals, from paramecia to whales, with the occasional megalith or cupcake thrown in. Stained glass is not the most malleable of materials, and I like breaking its rules. It started with a used tennis ball inserted in the mouth of a stained glass Labrador Retriever, and I haven’t looked back. Besides every kind of pet toy, I have glass coming out of glass—glass icicles, glass megaliths, glass dolphins, the first 10 digits of Pi doing the Conga, all inserted at right angles to the panel. My goal is to create art thatyou’ll look at for more that a few seconds—to dwell there,looking for details, or just looking for pleasure.