BCA relies on Public Art Review Panels to independently select artists or artwork for both the Art in Public Places program, BCA Grant Programs, and BCA Artist Awards. BCA maintains a list of individuals from Burlington and beyond with a varied range of experiences and personal histories to bring a wide perspective to the selection process. The ideal panelist will be able to effectively evaluate each application based on the criteria set forth by BCA, their individual experience, knowledge of the arts, and what is best for the Burlington community.

Selected panelists will be expected to evaluate applications on their own, usually on a computer, ahead of time, as well as provide their opinions and share their thoughts with fellow panelists in-person or over zoom. Reasonable accommodation can be made when needed. Though it is a volunteer position, panelists are provided with a small honorarium in appreciation of their time.

Program of Interest
This is not a requirement for serving on the panel, however, a majority of the panel needs to meet this criterion.
Please describe why you think you (or the nominee) would be a good selection panelist, particularly focusing on how this person would represent the Burlington community through their diversity of background or personal history, cultural experience, and artistic points of view.
Field of Interest/Expertise

Conflict of Interest:

Simply knowing an applicant does not constitute a conflict. However, if there is a family relationship; employee or contractor relationship; or if you will benefit financially from the selection in any way, then there would be a conflict.

Nominator Information (if applicable)