Blue and white mural textured with recycled objects, Alissa Faber's Peer Public Art Project




Individual Artists & Artist Groups

Calling All Grandmothers: $4,820 

A community storytelling event, intended to celebrate and honor the lessons, traditions, and wisdom passed down from our elders. 

Calvin Mondele: $4,000 

An artist who creates large-scale acrylic paintings that explore the diverse backgrounds and circumstances of individuals facing homelessness, with the intention of challenging societal perceptions and fostering empathy. 

Champlain Park Revitalization: $2,500

A program that works with neighbors to revitalize the Champlain St. Park through a series of improvements and events that promote positive social interactions. 

Longing Is Just Our Word for Knowing: $2,500 

Burlington-based Corrine Yonce, in collaboration with Old North End youth, creates public, site-responsive, collaborative and 3-dimensional paintings reflecting ideas of home, rest, and belonging in the Old North End of Burlington. 

Hanna Satterlee/ANIMAL Dance presents Dance and Discourse: $2,500 

Burlington-based performance and production company ANIMAL will create public presentations with conversation of dance works-in-progress by professional VT dance artists. 

Blue Alchemy: $3,500 

An installation created by artist Renee Greenlee, featuring a collection of cyanotypes on silk, installed at the FRAME as a public art exhibition. 

Let’s Grow Together: $3,500 

A project by mixed-media artist Mahntra Hennessey that will engage with families within the Old North End through workshops in partnership with community gardens, an imaginative play circle, and an art workshop hosted in the ONE Community Center. 

Rolyang Lobling: $5,000 

A Tibetan music school founded by Migmar Tsering that connects young Tibetan Americans to their roots through music. 

Everyday Neighbors 2024 Multilingual Community Wall Calendar: $1,750

Burlington-based songwriter and illustrator Ivan Klipstein will Illustrate, design, and print the “Everyday Neighbors” 2024 Multilingual Community Wall Calendar. 

Life Lines, by Benjamin Mayock and John P. Hastings: $3,130 

A free outdoor performance in Waterfront Park that will feature wooden boats, a brass ensemble, and colored lines (ropes) connecting the boats to shore. 

Davis Studio in Collaboration with King Street Laundry: $1,800

A series of hands-on art workshops for children and their families. 

Arts Organizations

Omega Jade Enterprises: $3,000  

Hip-hip artist Omega Jade will support the Black Artists Market and write a children’s book on Kwanzaa. 

The Tibetan Association of Vermont: $4,000

The TAV continues to work to establish a Community Cultural Center to further their efforts to protect Tibetan culture by offering a permanent place to hold community gatherings and classes while serving as a resource for the entire Vermont community. 

SEABA (South End Arts + Business Association): $4,000

Funding will support SEABA’s mission to promote the interdependence between art and business and to enhance the vibrant, creative, and diverse community of the South End Arts District.

The VTIFF Screen Room: $4,000

This project will allow VTIFF to expand its current program to include an event space and a screening room in order to hold public events and screenings without needing to rent a separate location. 

Big Heavy World: $3,000

This funding will assist BHW in preserving the historical record of music originating in Vermont. 

Young Writers Project (YWP): $4,000

This funding will assist YWP with inspiring, mentoring, publishing, and promoting young writers and artists.  

ONE Arts: $3,000

This funding will assist ONE Arts with their mission to facilitate and coordinate unique and significant art experiences in our local community and to build a larger creative community for Vermont artists by encouraging artistic dialog. 

The Off Center: $4,000

This funding will assist The Off Center with their mission to provide an affordable theater space that supports experimentation, education, and engagement for artists, audiences, and the community. 

The Arts Collective: $4,000

This funding will assist the Arts Collective with their work toward ensuring opportunities for artists who have experience with mental health and/or substance use challenges to connect, create, and exhibit work.  

The Green Mountain Book Festival: $2,000

This funding will assist the festival with creating events to promote marginalized voices and showcase LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and young authors.  



2023 Multilingual Community Calendar  $1,500.00

To help illustrate, design, and print the 'Everyday Neighbors' 2023 Community Wall Calendar. A multilingual, full-color, easily accessible, and practical collection of down-to-earth daily art for and about the Burlington area's beautifully diverse local communities.

Another Earth   $3,000.00

To support the creation of ‘Water Stories’. A book published through Another Earth that compiles community stories and documentation reflecting on the human connection to Lake Champlain. It will also be a resource including information about the pollution levels of the lake and ways to protect it.

Burlington Civic Symphony Orchestra     $1,500.00

To support the Burlington Civic Symphony Orchestra’s two performances in Burlington. Founded in 2011, the BCSO is the Burlington area's auditioned community orchestra. The orchestra, which is inclusive, diverse, and comprised of more than 60 talented musicians, is planning two performances at Hunt Middle School on November 5, 2022, and March 11, 2023.

Christine Hill       $3,000.00

To support Christine Tyler Hill (of Tender Warrior Co.) to collaborate with Burlington residents to create comics and zines exploring local issues, local government, and highlighting the institutions and efforts working in service to the people of Burlington.

Corrine Yonce    $3,000.00

To support the creation of “Longing is Just Our Word for Knowing”- This series of fragmented, figurative, public paintings depict the human gesture of home. These works- illustrating glimpses of rest and connection- draw viewers’ attention to our natural and urban community “bioregions,” and the cultural connective qualities that naturally emerge from our urban and natural landscape in Chittenden County neighborhoods.

Foul Contending Rebels Theatre Collective Presents: William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew    $1,500.00

To help produce Burlington’s Foul Contending Rebels Theatre Collective (FCR) production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ in August 2022, through which we will explore the performativity of gender and misogyny in Shakespeare’s controversial play, and the tension between the temptation to shy away from problematic source materials in our literary canon, versus the need to confront them. 1 weekend of performances will be free, and 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the SafeSpace Anti-Violence Program

Green Mountain Book Festival  $1,000.00

To be used by The Green Mountain Book Festival to bring three days of literary artistry to the Burlington community. Hosting authors across numerous genres and various stages in their careers, the festival proudly brings a diverse, exciting group of authors to Burlington, and nurtures the local writing and reading community. The festival reflects the values, diversity, and educational nature of books, honors free expression, and fosters an understanding of self, community, and the essential power of books.

The Ramble        $2,000.00

To support The Ramble, an annual, all-day arts festival celebrating the creative culture of The Old North End, transforming this neighborhood into a “pop-up” confluence of activities on the last Saturday in July. Free and open to the public, streets are closed, stages assembled, instruments tuned, art is hung, bikes bedazzled and culinary Ramble specials prepped for a full day of live music, hands-on art and exhibitions, craft sales, talent shows, and a host of other creative endeavors.

Jennifer McCandless      $3,000.00

To support the design of a program to teach students and mentor/mentee pairs assigned to the program by King Street Community Center, how to hand build and throw clay forms on the pottery wheel in Burlington. Three six-week sessions of two students each will be taught.

Lydia Kern           $3,000.00

To support working artist Lydia Kern to curate an outdoor art show and celebration of work created by adults with disabilities in the Burlington area, through a partnership with Homebase, Inc. In addition, she will support one adult with disabilities (who has expressed interest in teaching workshops) in learning how to plan and facilitate her own craft-making workshop, and co-facilitate an outdoor workshop for 7 of her peers.

Maple's Busy Morning   $1,000.00

To help create an animated video called ‘Maples Busy Morning’ a collection of 10 songs that tell the story of a young child's morning. This grant would help create an animated video that would help express adventures that we hope all human children can identify with.

Nathan Lantieri $3,000.00

To help revitalize the Champlain Street Park through a number of grassroots activities focused on creating community art together, rehabilitating the park’s community gardens, and shifting the neighborhood’s perception of the space to one that's welcoming and vital. Specifically relating to the arts, hosting a printmaking lesson and reflective art-making session; responses to prompts will later inform the creation of a mural, to be painted together with neighbors.

Seaba - Art Pops!             $1,500.00

To support Art Pops! at the 30th Anniversary of the South End Art Hop is a series of pop-up art installations by Burlington artists, each with individual perspectives and stories to tell. Creative outdoor happenings invite the public to explore the South End Arts District, see unique spots around every corner, and hop along to find the next one!

Vermont Stage Company Inc      $1,000.00

To support Vermont Stage’s production of “The Pitmen Painters” by Lee Hall, based on the true story of the Ashington Group.

Youth Opera Company of Vermont         $3,000.00

To support Project Serenade to bring music and joy to our community through a series of socially-distanced concerts at senior residences. Now approaching its third year, Project Serenade will continue to connect multiple generations through music and offer valuable performing opportunities for advanced young singers, while also adding concerts and workshops at youth centers to inspire a new generation of singing-artists.

Youth-led Cultural Space Plan-Making    $3,000.00

To engage youth in planning for a future teen-led cultural space; creating a youth-authored reference for current and future teens to guide their operation of a teen-led cultural space.


Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of Vermont $3,000 
To support the Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of VT teach folk & modern Nepali dance to 15-20 youth from the Burlington area’s Bhutanese Nepali refugee community and to provide a safe, welcoming (now virtual) space for youth to gather, speak/learn Nepali, and explore/share their cultural heritage with a diverse audience.

Brian Perkins $2,400 
To support the creation of a booklet of photographic portraits and musical notations based on children’s interviews with elders in the Burlington Bhutanese/Nepali community, and the Old North End Neighborhood Band will perform the music at public events in Burlington.

Lydia Kern $3,000 
To support an outdoor art show and celebration of work created by adults with disabilities in the Burlington area, through a partnership with Homebase Inc., Howard Community Services, and Northwest Counseling and Support Services. The grant will also support one adult with disabilities in learning how to plan and facilitate her own craft-making workshop, and co-facilitating two outdoor workshops for 13 peers.

Carolyn Sandoval $3,000 
To support Burlington’s Foul Contending Rebels Theater Cooperative’s (FCR) production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in August of 2021, which aims to explore questions of grief and recovery which have been raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alissa Faber $2,700 
To support students at the alternative high school program, Ontop, start a screen printing business, learn the process of silk screen printing and graphic design art and create a sustainable business plan to make and market their print ideas to the Burlington community.

Greater Burlington Children's Chorus  $3,000 
To support Project Serenade, an initiative of the Youth Opera Workshop, developed in response to the COVID pandemic, offering outdoor performances by teen opera singers to isolated residents at senior living centers.

Corrinne Yonce $3,000 
To support Voices of Home, specifically to support outdoor art and story display that will build community amongst the residents of Juniper House and Laurentide Apartments, two new affordable developments in Burlington's Cambrian Rise, and the production of a 7-10-minute video that will highlight voices from both communities.

Big Heavy World -Commemorative Interactive VT Music Mural $3,000 
To gather the recorded voices of dozens of Vermont musicians and their portrait and live photographs to create a 40'-long cloth mural & soundtrack commemorating Vermont's music community during the time of COVID-19.

Burlington Writers Workshop - Promoting Excellence and Publication Goals for VT Writers $1,500 
To support The Burlington Writers Workshop’s efforts to expand their mission to offer educational opportunities that foster emerging writers of all backgrounds and abilities, and offer a series of Master Classes focused on writing excellence and the efforts needed to get work published.

Matt Hagen $3,000 
To produce "Vinyl Vermont" an album of Vermont musicians with a focus on BIPOC and female artists that showcases the talented diversity and culture found in the Vermont music community.

VT Stage Picnic Plays $3,000 
To support Vermont Stage’s reopening with two outdoor theater productions, Popcorn Falls by James Hindman and Maytag Virgin by Audrey Cefaly.

Michael Rakoto Razafy $2,200
To support Michael Rakoto Razafy sharing his music and culture from the magical island of Madagascar with school children at several Burlington School District elementary school classrooms.
Shawn Dumont - Shelter Cultivation Project $2,200 
To support the Shelter Cultivation Project, a gallery exhibition and pop up shop featuring contemporary artwork and unique hand crafted product from emerging and established artists from Vermont and around the globe.



Alissa Faber $3000
To support Peer Public Art, which will bring Burlington and Winooski middle school students together explore the ideas of belonging, culture, public space use and community that results in creating public art. 

Michael Kellogg $1500    
To support a storytelling project engaging participants at the Champlain Senior Center that results in recordings and a public presentation at Main Street Landing.

Jen Berger $3000
To support Who are the People in Our Neighborhood? a People’s History project, documenting the known and unknown long-term residents of the community of the Old North End, using stencil, vinyl, and paint murals. 

Mindy Wong $2400
To support the Writing on the Rooftop series at Karma Birdhouse and provide writing workshops for high school students. 

Gahlord Dewald $1300
To support AM Frequency, A concert series of experimental, contemporary classical, and improvised music in an ADA accessible and an alcohol-free environment.

Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of Vermont $3000
To support the work of the Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of VT which teaches folk & modern Nepali dance to 30+ youth from the Burlington area’s Bhutanese Nepali refugee community and  shares their cultural heritage with a diverse audience through performances at public schools, arts centers, and multicultural events.

Sloan Collins $2900
To support the presentation of a series of interactive art walls featured at popular local art events in Burlington. 

Lydia Kern & Corrine Yonce $3000
To support Voices of Cambrian Rise, in partnership with the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition and Champlain Housing Trust, resulting in a series of visual art tiles guided by the audio stories of incoming low-income residents.

Omega Jade Williams    $800
To support local hip hop and comedic artists through the Rhyme And Unreason Show performed monthly at the Swan Dojo. 

Matthew Kelly     $3000
To support a documentary tracing the history of the Pierre Hardy mural, 'Everyone Loves A Parade,' from its inception to the recent acts of vandalism. 


Girls Rock Vermont    $3000
To support development and outreach for Burlington-based summer camps and programs.

Vermont Performing Arts League    $3000
To support Global Burlington International Event Series to bring people together to appreciate other cultures, gain knowledge of ethnic groups sharing our neighborhoods, and take part in the preserving and sharing of traditions

The Ramble    $3000
To support “The Ramble”, an annual, all-day arts festival celebrating the creative culture of The Old North End on the last Saturday in July. 

Illuminated Maker Space    $2100
To support a series of workshops that strive to introduce new members into an emerging hub of art and technology in Burlington’s South End, and teach hands-on tools for creative expression. 



Will Gebhard • $1,400
Installation at the Corner of North Union & North Street 
This project will engage the neighborhood in a public art project prior to and during The Ramble that will result in an installation of colorful, hand-cut pieces of painted plywood on the corner of North Union and North streets.

Bonnie Hooper • $800
Art and the Garden
This project will benefit the Family Room and the community gardeners of the Winooski Valley Park District (WVPD) in Burlington, VT. Through a series of outdoor art projects and activities, participants will develop a greater sense of place and connections with each other.

Sarah Bartlett • $3,000
This project will create a lit-mag-type print publication of writings from Vermont's incarcerated women, telling their first-person accounts of addiction and mental illness within the prison setting. A Burlington book launch will provide community exposure to and understanding of these issues through interactive presentation, allowing each woman's voice to be heard respectfully without judgment and inviting audience participation in both written and verbal exchange.

Mary Lacy • $2800
Burlington City & Lake Semester
This project will support artist Mary Lacy to work with Burlington High School’s semester program, a program for students to learn outside the classroom setting for one semester of their high school career. As an artist-in-residence, Lacy will teach students about socially engaged art. Students will create their own public art as a class. The content of the art project will be student driven. 

Wingspan Studio, Maggie Standley • $1,500
Spread Your Wings!
This project will support scholarships for youth to attend Spread Your Wings!, a youth empowerment program that provides access to interdisciplinary arts-based vacation learning camps to children facing obstacles. The goal is to narrow the "opportunity gap" that grows during out-of-school times for children facing any number of challenges.

Julia Vallera • $2,000
BTV Data Privacy Project
BTV Data Privacy Project is a public art intervention that explores how data is collected and used to impact our daily lives and the communities we belong to. This project will result in an interactive installation and culminating event that challenges our understanding of data-based systems through reflective art, performance and engaging technology.

Ashley Roark • $3,000
The Things We Keep With Us
This project seeks to engage community members by creating a collage using materials saved throughout their lives while also audio documenting the memories that these pieces spark. The goal is to engage 25 community members to create an original piece of artwork and collect their stories. 

Migmar Tsering • $2,500
Rolyang Lobling
Rolyang Lobling is a school of performing Arts. This project will teach kids how to sing Tibetan songs and dance, create a website, and design a logo for Rolyang Lobling to help create awareness of the school on the website, and on pens, songbooks and T-shirts. Performances will occur during events such as Tibetan New Year (Losar), the birthday celebration of H. H. The 14th Dalai Lama and the Annual Tibet Festival. 

Bishnu Khadka • $3,000
Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of VT
The Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group of VT (est. June 2016) teaches folk and modern Nepali dance to 30+ youth from the Burlington area’s Bhutanese Nepali refugee community (2,000+ people); it provides a safe, welcoming space for youth to gather, speak and learn Nepali, and explore and share their cultural heritage with a diverse audience. They rehearse twice a week for two hours and perform between 15-20 times per year at public schools, arts centers, and multicultural events.

Brian Perkins • $3,000
Old North End Neighborhood Band
The teen musicians of the ONE Neighborhood Band play music of the Old North End’s immigrant past and present while learning from the teachers of Burlington’s diverse community. The ONE Neighborhood Band will present a series of nine free and public teaching workshops, two concerts and a soirée. The project will also publish in print and electronically the ONE Neighborhood Band repertoire book Music of the Old North End, containing transcriptions and cultural context for important music of the historical and contemporary immigrant communities of Burlington.



Vermont International Film Festival • $2,000
VTIFF features over 70 films, visiting filmmakers, Vermont Filmmakers' Showcase, talks, and community discussions over 10 days. The festival focuses on bringing independent film artists' work from a wide range of countries and introducing audiences directly to filmmakers through Q&A sessions.

New City Galerie Residency Program • $1,500
New City Galerie's six-month residency program gives qualifying artists an opportunity to further develop their work in one of three beautiful, sun-filled studios overlooking historic Church Street and the surrounding cityscape. This work-share residency is intended for emerging artists who have demonstrated excellence in their work and are seeking to enrich (and be enriched by) the arts community in Burlington.

The Ramble • $2,500
Now in its 15th year, “The Ramble” is an annual, all-day arts festival celebrating the creative culture of The Old North End, transforming it into a “pop-up” confluence of activities on the last Saturday in July. In anticipation, streets are closed, stages built, installations placed, instruments tuned, art is hung, and culinary Ramble specials are prepped for a full day of live music, hands-on art and exhibitions, craft sales, theater, talent shows, dance classes, and a host of other creative endeavors.

Complications Company, in partnership with Saints and Poets  • $1,500
International Women's Voices Day: Vermont Edition 
In celebration of the second anniversary of the Women's March, Complications Company will produce the second Vermont Playwrights Edition of the International Women's Voices Day in January of 2019 at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts in Burlington. This free community event showcases unproduced plays by Vermont women playwrights and features a potluck feast.

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts • $2,000
Playmakers is designed to offer Vermont playwrights a venue to share and shape their work while also providing theater artists of all stripes the opportunity to congregate and practice their craft, strengthening and expanding the connections and skills of the creative community in the process.

Big Heavy World • $2,000
All-Ages Music Community Resources + Community Music Calendar 
This project will provide programming and resources to local teens that inspire civic participation, community building, empowerment and skills-building related to music: Teen Musician After School Drop-In; All-Ages Concert Series; Inclusive Radio Leadership Program; and Music Office Volunteering. The project also provides support for an “interoperable” live music community calendar platform.


Kylie Dally  $3000

To support an arts -based project at Wharf Lane that will bring art and color to the common spaces and hallways of Wharf Lane,  connect residents with the natural environment around Wharf Lane through art,   connect residents with the South End Arts community, and strengthen relationships between residents in crisis and community resource partners.

Becca McHale   $3000

To support a monthly creative workshop for teens in the Old North End where teens can develop art skills,  that reflects the diversity of the neighborhood,  and that acts as a safe space where teens of all backgrounds can grow together.

Clark Derbes   $3000

To support a mural project on the wall of the “bikram” yoga studio on Pine Street,  in collaboration with a dozen youth and their mentors from the King Street Center and several volunteers from the community.

Corrinne Yonce   $3000

To support Voices of Home, which combines the audio narratives and painted portraitures of affordable housing residents in a work that  demonstrates the importance of safe, healthy, affordable homes and adding resident voices of Decker Towers to the project.

Vermont International Film Foundation   $3000

To support the Vermont International Film Festival, a 10-day film festival showing independent films of relevance from around the world and engaging the audience in conversations about the films with visiting filmmakers and other speakers

Jacob Ari Mushlin  $3000

To support the creation and use of instruments made from salvaged materials through  subsidized workshops, exhibition and performances that bring professional musicians and community participants together.

Suzanne Schmidt   $3000

To support  the production of  two  live multimedia performances that  bring together the performers from Say It Forward Productions and members of local non-profit organizations to raise awareness, financial support, and deeper connections through the use of first-person storytelling as the artistic medium for social change.

Public Works Press   $3000

To support a steamroller printmaking workshop in the Burlington community, with the goal of exposing a wider audience to printmaking and to give more experienced printmakers a chance to work on a larger scale.

Big Heavy World   $3000

To support live weekly radio, video and studio audience broadcasts and publication of local musical artist interviews and performance; local programming and promotion of free and public international Make Music Day musical performances; and a  musician summit event. 

Wingspan Studio   $3000

To support scholarships for 10 kids to attend  Spread Your Wings, a youth empowerment program that provides access to interdisciplinary arts-based vacation learning camps to children facing obstacles.  The goal is to narrow the "opportunity gap" that grows during out of school times for kids from families facing any number of challenges.

Burlington Writers Workshop   $3000

To support the Burlington Writers Workshop (BWW) efforts to promote a dynamic, supportive literary community by offering  classes and events to the public free of charge, and to foster emerging writers of all backgrounds and abilities through expert-led  sessions and open mic events.

Iskra Print Collective   $2000

To support the design, development  and screen printing of an  artist series/print club zine released on a quarterly basis (editions of 150) made by studio volunteers and community artists.  


Alison Cannon $3000

To support the “imagining home” project, which includes interviewing people in the Burlington community who are currently homeless or who have been homeless for an extended period of time within the last three years.  The interviews will center on their vision of the ideal home.  Local architects will then produce renderings of the homes using the information gathered from the interviews.  The resulting sketches will mounted, framed, and exhibited in the community.  

Burlington Chamber Orchestra $1000

To support the Burlington Chamber Orchestra’s 2016-2017 season, including four classical music concerts featuring Dr. Michael Hopkins and Soovin Kim as conductors, a collaboration between the BCO and the University of Vermont Jazz Department with Trumpeter and UVM Professor Ray Vega, and the annual Celebration of Youth Concert showcasing the winner of the BCO’s Young Artist Competition.​

Intersections  $3000

To support Intersections, an original theater piece based on a variety of perspectives: letters from inmates housed in Vermont correctional facilities and out of state private prisons, first-person accounts by incarcerated women brave enough to share their stories, stories from victims’ and inmates’ family members, and our personal intersections with “corrections” and “justice.  

Corrine Yonce $3000

To support Voices of Home, a multi-media project that combines the audio narratives and painted portraits of affordable housing residents in work that will demonstrate the importance of safe, healthy, affordable homes.

Joy Elan Cohen $3000

To support the writing of a play about Burlington’s Lost Shul Mural and accompanying engagement activities, including a series of staged readings and/or related displays of performing and/or visual arts; facilitation of a public forum for community members to share their own stories and discuss the role of the arts in culture, of identity, of survival; and creation of lesson plans that address these social justice issues to be used in formal and informal educational settings.

Maggie Standley $3000

To support  10 scholarships that provide access to vacation learning programming to disadvantaged youth at both Wingspan Studio in Burlington's South End and at The Myrtle Street Community Avant Garden in The Old North End. 

Megan J. Humphrey, Sweet Basil Design $3000

To support “Birds, Bees, and Butterflies,” an artist led project at the Integrated Arts Academy that supports literacy, science, and math curriculum and helps students learn about the natural world, the importance of recycling, and develops a public recycled art project that will reside outside the school.

Meghan O'Rourke  $2000

To support  time lapse videos of key public areas in Burlington, including North Avenue, Church Street and a public park, that visualize the ‘emotional temperature’ of a place using wide format photography, stop motion animation, interviews with street users and the collection of ambient sound. ​  

Meredith LeCompte $2700

To support an artist-focused design and build project of little library kiosks for six different gardens in the north section of Burlington. The libraries will shelter donated books to trade and share with a focus on gardening, nutrition and cooking. The goal is to provide creative and an accessible location for the people in the community to gain free access to books with garden building skills and resources as well as cook books and nutritional guides.  

New City Galerie $3000

To support New City Galerie and its on-site residency studios offered free of charge to local emerging artists. 

Public Works Press  $3000

To support Public Works Press, a network of contemporary artists of varied disciplines to participate in a steamroller printmaking  event in Burlington’s South End, aimed at exposing a wider audience to printmaking and giving  more experienced printmakers a chance to work on a larger scale.  See this article in Seven Days reporting on the event.

Sloan Collins and Mary Lacy $1000

To support The ONE Mural Project, which will engage local children in a positive creative learning experience and bring a new look to their neighborhood through the creation of four murals along North Street.

Vermont International Film Foundation $1000

To support the 2016 Vermont International Film Festival, now in its 31st year, the only event celebrating the art of film in our community.

Vermont Performing Arts League/North End Studios  $1500  

To support a talent show to take place in February 2017 for performers of all ages who live or work in and around the Old North End at North End Studios, including providing free rehearsal time and coaching from experienced artists for four performers/groups, and participation by other arts projects in the Old North End through associated exhibits. 

Vermont Stage $1000

To support the production of BLACKBERRY WINTER, a poignant and honest depiction of the journey one goes on when a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

WBTV-LP, VCAM  $1000

To support WBTV-LP a low-power community radio station being built this summer in the south end of Burlington, a partnership between RETN, CH17/Town Meeting, and VCAM with a mission to connect Burlington with community radio that is created locally, dedicated to the exchange of ideas and culture, and reflective of the diversity of our city.