Jennifer Hubbard grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where she studied painting and drawing at the Mitchell School of Fine Arts, and Maryland Institute, College of Art. She moved to Vermont in 2009. My work has always been primarily focused on portraiture. When I moved to Vermont, where the landscape is such a powerful influence on daily life, I decided to move my subjects outside, into the environment. I was interested in capturing the interaction between people and the outdoors, particularly as the seasons change. Formally, I try to capture the spirit of the snapshots I use as my references, including the abstraction caused by the camera. I noticed, when doing the landscapes behind my portrait subjects, my brushwork becoming looser, and that I was developing a new painting style. I replaced some of the figures with barns, and other architectural elements, to pin down the painting in a scale and space, and then worked away from the horizon, playing with my paint strokes. The resulting paintings bring to mind both Impressionism and Photorealism, and offer a contemporary perspective of the people and landscapes of Vermont.